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Where are we from? Fanbase Poll!

I did a poll at 2 am. Sorry if it's bad I can improve it at a time I wasn't exhausted. I did it on straw poll so anonymity and ease of counting could take place.
Here it is:

East Coast HERE!!! SO SORRY:

Australia is here now!!! I am bad at this!

Belgium! I thought I put it on there, but no. That's on me.
I will add you guys and do the calculations myself.

Ireland! Here you go, sorry it was late and I had work:

NEW ASIA!!!! Finally got to it now that I'm out of work!:

All Nordic Countries!!! I forgot again. Heh, I could always revamp it sometime.

Also I'm a Michigan Brohaus! Hello fellow URealms friends :drunk: 

Also, I will do all calculations for each listed country by figure Wednesday 6pm US Eastern Time. I will Host it on a separate post with the numbers for each. Share this so we can represent and get an idea where we're from!


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