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Porcs Based on Pig breeds!

for a while now I've wondered if porcs look like the pigs that are thrown into porc puke so I've decided to draw some porcs based on different breeds!


Feral Pig (hog)

and of course!

I love porcs so much guys you don't understand.


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    this looks so great, especially the hog
  • I wouldn't be suprised if there were these anomolies of porcs. 
  • Loving the variety of porcs!
  • more porc pls
  • This is my favourite thing
  • These are awesome! :) The Meishan is my favourite
  • That micro pig tho, too cute. :D  

  • Denmark made a pig with their flag's design on their side, wouldn't it be great if the dwarves made something like that with their pigs and so porcs made from them get treated like half dwarves. Not in the way dwelfs are more like "hey you aren't quite a dwarf but you're welcome to be here"
  • Micro pig servants are now my official head cannon. Just tiny porcs for rich women to have as servants 
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    Feral Pigs (hogs) are pretty much Black Boar Porcs  ~_~ 
  • OOohhh I like the style that you draw in! Very good, and the personality each Porc breed has is very evident! Nice work  :)
  • They're all amazing designs
  • I really love your Feral Hog design
  • this should totally be a thing with porc's it gives them that personality all the other race's characters have
  • I love these concepts Geeka!!
  • Thats pretty cool, I love how the Mangalitsa are like a Dvergr Dvergr Porc! :smileporc: 
  • I really hope that these get added, not necessarily as new subraces but just as role play/ aesthetic races. 
  • I love them all! Great Work.
  • Oh my gosh these are so amazing! I love how each porc has their own personality that can be seen in the art! 
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