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Milk's Drawings

edited April 2018 in Fan Art and Creations

Hello! Welcome to my art post!

Hey! I've done some art for Urealms Live and posted onto the reddit as dabb3r. I'm still improving and willing to listen to advice and criticism!

My art blog!

Old Urealms Art (like really old)
Old Non Urealms Art (pretty old)

Neena Sketch, completed later in the thread



  • oooh I really like the first and the second one they look really nice fourth oddly reminds of hunniepop
  • Wow the second one is so cool, what's the story behind it?
  • This is way too cool. I really like your art style and direction!
  • Wow! Thanks for sharing your work! :smileporc: 
  • Oooo, I remember that second pic. I really appreciate all of the artists in the URealms community.
  • the second one really took me by surprise. wasn't expecting something like that and now I can't stop staring.
  • this it great love to see more please keep it up

  • Wow, I've never seen any of this before! This is all really excellent. Not sure why I've missed it, but these are really impressive. I especially like the one of Are'ana. Excellent job, Milk :smilebold: 

  • Adoring it all. XD But my favirte is the one from the last campaing. Its amazing and from a amazing moment
  • There are so many amazingArtists in this community this looks great and keep up the good work
  • Following the theme of the other comments, I absolutely love the one with Are'ana. I can't wait to see what else you come up with in the future.  :) 
  • Loving all this art!
  • That is wonderful! Love it!  :)
  • Great work man!
  • Nice stuff!
  • Oh wait you're the dude that made the crying Trandon art! Bro I love all this art, it's awesome. The expressions especially are really good!
  • Hey guys! I completed the Neena sketch today.
  • @Milk ;that is one gorgeous Neena sketch.  :D
  • Wow that is so good! I love your renditions of these characters.
  • thats a sketch? thats pretty fantastic
  • Oooh I love how you do colors. They are so vibrant, yet also really pleasing on the eye.  :p
  • @SMS00 @Qu33nAce  Oh, the sketch was in the first post, this was the finished piece.
  • its still p amazing
  • edited May 2017
    Those are some great looking arts!
  • That... might just be the best looking Neena I've ever seen. It's like a glamour shot that somehow doesn't make her look pretentious. 
    No offense to the quality work of other artists, but this here is about as waifu as it gets for me. :peace: 

  • Looks great!
  • After a few exams I decided to draw my elven petalwalker, Varia!
    Although, I feel like there should be more or change the colors a bit. I don't know. The background could use some work too.
  • Holy hell it looks so cool!  :)
  • I actually really like the background, I think it looks nice. It makes the petalwalker stand out more.@Milk
  • Adorable!
    The design and the colors goes well along with the background as well. Looks like a start of a bright new adventure for you petalwalker! 
    Would it be alright if I doodled your character?
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