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Unforgotten Nations



  • you ran off and left my troops in the city you ran away like a coward!
  • actually, i didn't, i had a defeated army, and so they retreated.
  • News Report:
    No new developments.
  • again, i'm not getting updates on my developments, or your not sending them.
  • well all that i know is that your are inferior to me and you'll soon see why with my super soldier army made to kill your super soldiers muhahahaha!!!!!!!!
  • (This is so silent I wonder what has been happening)
  • (same think it's over rip had fun while it lasted)
  • (yeah, it pretty much dried out after the initial week or two.)
  • (Just assumed rocksmasha has been busy for last few weeks)
  • I guess I will just write up the cool things that happened that people might not know about. I created the internet and then forums and then created urealms on that internet. I was trying to spread my drugs and charge for the treatment when they became infectious but you guys seemed like you wanted to attack me so I didn't charge. I was about to attack everyone with hive mind ents
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    god, it's been so long since I was on this thread. Hey @Rocksmasha , how did you do all of the numbers in this rp, like how things work when someone was building something or basically all the rolls and stuff. Wondering since seeing another RP like this would be fun
  • @WritingWyvern, It would be great to either play or gm another season of this kind of RP game. If @Rocksmasha would allow it, I would love to try recreate a similar game thread...
  • ( @Dalard )
    Yeah, i just want to know who he did all the behind the scene rolling, it couldn't have used a 20d, so i wonder what he used.
  • @WritingWyvern (im assuming if he had something out of 100 it would be a D100
  • @Rein )
    I think that as well, but i don't really know how he used it, and what did paying gold do to the roll?
  • If I remember correctly, there where a little math in the budget and he rolled according on how much we invested. Like if we invest a lot in X thing we would have more chance to roll better. I also don't remember seeing any math table or a rigid stats system (if I remember correctly).
  • ( @Dalard )
    well, do you think we can make up our own one, that is close to his original?
  • @WritingWyvern Yes, I actually thought about making one earlier this month, but I thought it may be rude or impolite to make one without asking Rocksmasha, being the first to come up with the idea...
  • ( @Dalard )
    Well, he doesn't really own the idea of this kind of RP, he was just the first to make it. I want to know how he did it, so maybe I can do it my own way. But it would help to see how he did the math and all.
  • ( @Dalard )
    also, how would yours be different than this one, was just wondering?
  • @WritingWyvern I think that there isn't the need of a complex math system. You just need to start with some numbers and do the maths along the way, adding dice rolls when necessary. I think the GM just has to interpret what the player want and mathematize it fairly. I was thinking about involving math in the budget part of the game, the spies part and the military part. I think that was very similar to how Rocksmasha did it, it's just that I would rely less on dice rolls and more on guidelines at the start of the game.
    (I also thought of winning options, a new diplomatic system and an events system)
  • ( @Dalard )
    Oh cool, I have been working around a more story-based game, where players have a choice with a custom nation or picking a premade one, that might be powerful but may have some major drawbacks. And basically the map is already made, they would just have to cover a piece out of it, and only know little about the environment. The choices are based on my lore for a world I have been working on called Unity, it would barrow things from that, and have to try to advance a federal system to other ages of tech. It's more of that kind of game, with events as well.
  • @WritingWyvern Well, I love story-based game, but if we really wanted to recreate something like the Unforgotten Nation I would have used the basic lore of Urealms with the same level of technology seen in the show, with a focus on playing as the leaders and not the countries. With the same lore of Urealms, everyone would start with the same knowledge to create a dynamic world. In either case, the key is the creativeness of the players. (and of course a map would be already made ! It's awesome to create map)
  • @Dalard )
    Understandable, I just want to use the lore I made, just for some new a different situations. like that total war Warhammer kind of game. and i would still allow them to make their own nations and all, but for all the lore i make, i want to reuse them a bit. 

    Anyways, for the math i was thinking about how it could work, do you have any ideas?
  • From what i know, the way the roll system worked was that he just rolled a 100 sided die and that result mixed with how much money you spent effected what happened, so if you spent 1 million out of 100 million making an army and you got an 100, that's good, but if you spend 50 million and got a 60, that's probably a better result overall, so spending a lot of money and getting a middle/high roll is more effective than spending little and getting that same amount, money amount just means that you don't have to get as high to get a good result, or a good result is better, though i don't think money much against really bad rolls.
  • ( @runegod20 )
    Well, that was about what I was thinking, thanks, man. also, how you been, been a while since I saw you around the RP forums.
  • @WritingWyvern been good, haven't been around forums at all since i've been way out of date with the show and don't want to be spoiled on stuff but i still look on the few threads i follow.
  • ( @runegod20 )
    cool cool, like which threads do you watch, also what campaign are you on for the show?
  • the only thread i really look at is the kobold dick one. I just finished the first side quest, having @Snarky to yell at me to get off my butt and watch stuff helps a lot.
  • ( @runegod20 )
    Hey if me or @Dalard , start up a new Thread like this one, would you join?
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