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Presiking Kobold

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Who is the king or queen of the kobolds. Im fine with whoever so long as I at least get to be a Duke


  • Do you mean in cannon or just for fun on the forums? I'm fairly sure it hasn't been established in cannon that there even is a leader of the Kobolds.
  • Just for fun
  • i don't think there is a king kobold. i also don't think there is a king gnome or leader of gnomes. they just follow the elf and dwarf kings i would think.
  • As a local kobold, I vote for @OlympianHeros to be the king.

    And i'd like to nominate myself to be prince.
  • We know nothing about Kobold Lore officially which means we just haven't covered it yet or most governing bodies for that matter.
  • @Rob do you have plans to expand upon it in S3
  • Kobalds are more tribal aren't they, so would they not have a bunch of tribal chiefs.
  • @Razer yeah, it makes sense to me that they would be more primitive, and not have a real overarching government. I kinda imagine it as sorta like the Gaul tribes that you would see in Asterix and Obelix
  • If anyone would be king of the Kobolds it would be Maelstrom. He's so cool and i think back in the unforgotten quest show he was king of the Kobolds, although i know that's not canon to for URLive. But it is something going for him, along with his sweet eye patch.    
  • Roll for how cool Maelstrom is: 
  • I am. 

    OlympianHero, you shall indeed be my grandest archduke. Together, we shall accomplish many feats, and conquer many lands. 

    OldFredBear, you shall be prince of Kobold-town-2. It contains ten courthouses and a fountain.

    Dart, you are indeed not a kobold, and shall be sentenced to death. So shall Zinzinbadio be for wanting that bastard ogre maelstrom to be king. 

    That is all. The other kobolds will be put on duty guarding our rocks against dragons.
  • Maelstrom is probably the most badass kobold, but that wouldn't necessarily make him a king. That said, he's definitely more qualified than anyone in this thread. If I was a kobold and kings were elected, he'd have my vote.
  • Why do you speak in common tongue about such classified matters, brothers?
    Kobold Kobold Kobold Kobold, Kobold Kobold!
  • Kobooooooold
  • @Rob

    Do I smell potential campaign?
  • looooong live the kobold duke olympian!
    not as long as the elven kings because of stupid elves and their near immortality but still long!
  • As duke I have access to a reserve of dragon silver
  • So seriously we must vote a king
  • Confirmed I am Duke of Kobolds
  • i vote that i'm the king of the kobolds

  • You're a porc :wtfbold: 
  • as such, i'm impartial to all your politics

  • All in favor of saying King / Queen Kobold has to be a Kobold say Aye. All who oppose you're not allowed to oppose
  • Great now he's a Horc
  • anyways, this is not a democracy, it's a monarchy, and since i'm king, what i say goes

  • I will Yamcha you so far across the planet
  • explode in a blaze of failure?

  • @Blast_burn Evidently you don't know the Raw power that is Yamcha
  • the power to lose?
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