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What is your Favorite and Least Favorite Color?



  • Favorite: Anything purple, especially lavender. 
    Least Favorite: A very specific shade of greenish yellow
  • I know I sound like a girl for saying this but, my favorite color is pink. I just despise anything brownish green.
  • Desaturated cool colors are my jam, particularly blue.
    Bright warm colors, particularly orange, can be hard on the eyes.
  • Pumpkin Orange is my favourite and green is my least favourite
  • favourite: any muted blues, least favourite: any bold yellows
  • Favorite Orange, least favorite Yellow.
  • I agree with @Bjort, I love the darker foresty greens and browns and other natural colors. But hot pink and neon green are just annoying, they're too loud.
  • Favorite: Dark Green
    Least Favorite: Orange
  • Love Blue
    Hate Dark Orange
  • My favourite is a nice deep red like a sanguine.

    Least favourite is yellow, there's so many shades of yellow that are just so ugly. 
  • Favourite colours are green and pink; when I was a kid I hated green, but now I love it

    Overall least favourite is orange, though like green, it's grown on me with age. There are some really pretty oranges out there, like autumn leaves
  • Favorite: Light grey.
    Least favorite: I dunno probably some yellowish color.
  • Love wood brown
    Despise neon pink.
  • I absolutely adore green when it is in its natural form, but hate it when it is used artificially (like for plastics,architecture etc.)
  • Favorite: Grey - Least: Yellow >:V
  • Favorite: Purple
    Least favorite: Green/Grey/Brown
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