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What fantasy world would you live in?



  • @kreeperkiller63 the Undertale thing is interesting because there is almost no info about humans and the fandom just kinda makes it up as you go along. Humans could be able to reset time, or only mages, or only people who red DETERMINED souls, or some outside force that is controlling the world like it is a game (which is hinted at quite heavily that everything is the Player's fault).

    So either you are super powerful, completely normal, or a puppet to a higher, possibly sadistic being.
  • @Drake6k Yes, that would be amazing... Nice to see a fellow one piece fan. 
  • honestly... as long as it has Magic of some caliber (and i can use it) i would be reasonably happy with any fantasy-verse.... Cause it would make things more interesting... CAUSE THIS REALITY IS BORING AF ... aside from Urealms and the other things i watch on youtube of course.
  • The world of Charlie Bone, assuming I could be a Child of the Red King.

    On less obscure references, One Piece or the Forgotten Realms.
  • in my mind One Piece has the most equal opportunity for power because if you get your hands on a devil fruit then regardless of what it is there is some way to have it make you powerful (look at the MC he has probably the stupidest power at first glance, yet time and time again he showcases how powerful he is) and even if you get a shitty one or don't get one in the first place you don't NEED one, there are plenty of characters who have a lot of strength without a devil fruit by using Haki
  • Star Wars would be pretty cool, in my opinion. Even with all that fucked-up Force-user stuff and a number of really awful planets to live, general quality of life in the galaxy seems to be pretty high and people have a good amount of free time. I certainly wouldn't want to be transported there with my current skillset, because I'm way behind them in terms of scientific knowledge, and don't even know how to write Basic - but if I'd been born there, I'm certain I could do well for myself.

    Plus, on top of that, there's always the chance that I'd get to be one of those Force-using ballers, and that's an extremely awesome avenue through which I could expand my knowledge, skill, and power. I don't wanna kill nobody, but being able to stop bullets or blasterfire with my mind is pretty hard to say no to.
  • Pokemon universe for sure, little risk and I get pets with magic!
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