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Two weeks until Season 3! What stories are you hoping are explored more?

Personally, I'd like to see the Lightbeard clan explored more, or those spooky Sandbolds from The Skeleton King.


  • I'm excited for the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry pt 2 if that's this season and definitely the Sandbolds
  • I hope we get more lore on the Beenu.
  • @Coconut we're totally not seeing the top of that tower for a couple of years, but I'm also excited! 
  • I'd love to see more of Duke Daring. Great character and can fit into a lot of stories.

  • What happened to the sunswords and how they will find out that their leader has died
  • Hope to hear about kallark(sp?) and gwenthe(sp?). The murder bros and the tower of ultimate wizardry part 2.

    yes yes yes? yes, yes! Yes! yes.... yes.
  • I want more high bear lore
  • @snarkyslytherin oh my god yes, it's probably an amazing place to explore lore (heh...) good suggestion there
  • Wait 2 weeks till season 3 WHERE IS THIS POSTED, also Im hopping to see the sequle to buckaroos.
  • I've wanted an Abracadab campaign since s1. since it first became canon that Abracadab was a place, lmao. @Zyerion
  • @Knifu_Waifu on the main page it says May 27th is the first show.
  • oh opps but still HYPE WOO
  • I'm hoping for just a fun campaign that explores some new lore Rob and the rest have though of
  • @snarkyslytherin Yeah, I'm personally really hoping for a Abracadabra campaign myself. It just seems like such a cool place, and it would be interesting to see what it's like, and how it interacts with the outside world.
  • I doubt we'll see it but it'd be nice to see what happened with Ca-Rell after Porc Hunters. Porbo and the mirror left it on a mild cliffhanger. 
  • So is it confirmed that games start up in 2 weeks?
  • I really hope we get into more Dragon Aspect lore, but I doubt we will get into any of them besides Golestandt for a while. We already have the fleshweavers, Bopen, Silvermine Mountains, etc.

    I would love to see Duke Daring some more. Whether it's back in the Realm of Holding or in some other adventure he mentioned at the beginning of the Den of Devils. Finding the golden statue of the Purpley Beaver-Corn would be pretty epic.
  • @phatpack It says May 27th on the main website
  • My biggest hope for season 3 is that Shendormen gets introduced :heart: 
  • I'd like to hear the story of how miraculously the Boecoe escapes Bopen and/or becomes ageless.
  • The bubble world ba-beeeeeeeee
  • yo ho hopen'  for Bopen us pirates will sing!
    Surrender your treasure or death we will bring!
    Hopen for Bopen and plunder the shrine!
     this is the first thing that came to mind when I looked at this and honestly I don't know why some one else hasn't done it
  • More of the Law! I'd like to see a crime-fighting campaign.
  • Really just any campaign were Roamin gets to ad lib a bunch of lore and backstory will be my favorite
  • more about the elven families,
  • I'd like to see more stuff from DB's sidequests, like the bubble world or what Tiefa’ni is, since he mentioned her being "something" in the behind the scenes post.
  • you know what S3 needs? GOBOS! MOOOOORRREEE GOBOS!
  • @Roselen Tiefa'ni is supposedly a Medusa (full blown), at least from what I've heard.

    Considering Gobo's of Pat is no longer Canon, though, I'm not sure if full blown Medusa's actually exist anymore...
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