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Unforgotten Nations



  • you say that. But everyone knows how hypocritical you are being.
  • While I am not for cloning, if Fishlandia does keep it's promise to stop cloning after the war, I won't hold anything against them for only doing so now.
  • so your saying, that you're fine with somebody doing something they harassed another for. This isn't a, "keep a promise after a war" thing, it is a, "doing what you were stictly against before it was convenient for you," thing.
  • So you're saying we have a chance to beat you without using your cloning tech? So much for being invincible.
  • i mean, if i am unlucky, yes, you can beat me, just as if the Russians were unlucky, the Japanese could have beaten them. I am certainly unlikely to lose, but i could, (obviously, i'm using a scenario like the Russians and Japanese, but for this universe)
  • also, i honestly don't understand why you'd have an alliance with him. I really don't.
  • News Report:
    The Civil War in the FPT has ended.
  • (also, think you've been using the wrong name for my country)
  • Hey fish monkeies i've discovered a flaw in your clone bobs you better surrender now before i utterly crush you!!!
  • ok. have fun with that.
  • pff what do you think i did with that first bob? i captured him alive an used him as a testing subject and it worked out your plan will crumble right before you eyes!
  • ok. i mean, if you can get past the insanity part, then go ahead. I mean, but he will either be loyal to me, and break out, or, be insane and break out.
  • News Report:
    The war between Fishlandia and the FME shows no signs of slowing down.
  • (i'm assuming that there is no way of joining in. or could i start a revolution somewhere?)
  • (I mean, if you want to join in you can)
  • (oh, wait the game, never mind)
  • Heh i'm already finding out a lot of information i'll just share some interesting things that aren't that helpful right now. Your clone bobs only have half the lifespan for a fishmonkey meaning they are pretty ineffective to produce for future wars since they'll die off fast.
  • ok. and? They are good for the short term, and that's all that's needed.
  • I mean your probably going to go fight runegod next so i might as well give him some information... actually your not going to fight him next because i'll destroy you!
  • why would i fight runegod?
  • Because you 2 seem to have some beef with each other because of your cloning. If it wasn't for the fact that fishlandia and the URC were so great maybe you would have a chance with your evil cloning ways you monster!
  • you still critisize me on cloning when you yourself are doing it. And also, I have absolutely no interest in his land, and the only reason i want yours is because it would be a good place to launch my sattelites.
  • and then with your satellites you'll be able to attack runegod from beyond the stars! Also i have to fight fire with fire to protect my people, But well it's actually cloning with cloning. You force me to use cloning to have a chance of stopping you evil madmen! child murderer! Homeless slayer! Tyrant of your nation! When will your evil end? I cry out for all nations help to stop this corrupted demon from destroying our world!
  • actually, we don't murder children. and evil isn't evil, as everyone has their own ways of thinking, and their own solutions to problems. You may solve homelessness by supporting the people and getting them jobs, me, i draft them into the military, which gives them jobs, and they may be used as a punching bag for Bill. otherwise, if they survive, they are given a pension and have a much easier time at getting a job. And, you are claiming, that by your logic, if someone steals your kids, and holds them for ransom, you should do the same with his kids? Even I, an, "evil madman" knows that is morally terrible. Besides, I'm using satellites to do what any other person would, to explore space, in which i am willing to share information with anyone who is interested. As of, they are for communication, and that's it. I don't even think MASA (Monkeyfish Areonautical and Space Act) has manned missions to space yet.
  • News Report:
    The Major Attacks between the FME and Fishlandia have halted for the time being it seems they are both licking their wounds.
  • Wow running away what a cowardily tactic fight like a man weakling!
  • hold on hold on hold on. you didn't process my turn.
  • and you're doing the same thing.

  • I didn't do the same thing
  • the voice in the sky literally said, "The Major Attacks between the FME and Fishlandia have halted for the time being it seems they are both licking their wounds." which shows that you are doing the same thing I am, reconciling your troops and getting ready for a major attack.

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