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Post your Sexuality.

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I dont know how to put this in a subtle way... What do you like. In terms of are you straight gay or bi

Update: Asexual is now allowed as there is nothing I will do to stop it


  • Straight, but never experience much love so I'm not really sure
  • Bi but far lean towards girls. By the way, why is this in Custom Miscellaneous?
  • Because I had no clue where to put it
  • There now its off topic sorry for the inconvenience
  • No worries my dude! :)
  • Slowly building the urealms database I see.  ;) I'm gay myself.
  • Welp wouldnt be fair to not say im straight here
  • i am a straight male
  • And before someone asks I should say you DON'T NEED to post your gender
  • I'm straight. At this rate, by the time that the first month of the forum is done, we will be getting into people asking about what people's social security card numbers are.
  • We wont actually because luckily that kinda violates rule 5
  • Should start the "what's on the top shelf of your cabinet" thread we need something to pass the time till season 3
  • Technically bi, but I feel like I'm effectively gay in practice. Just from being realistic with my preferences.

    I dunno. My situation is weird.
  • @TopFudge I'd rather we not. Because I'm afraid of some of the possible answers. *Flashbacks*
  • Confused by the nature of the question, but intrigued enough to answer. I realized about a year ago that I don't really have any attraction to either gender, and only feel attraction towards females because that's what society tells me I should feel attracted to. Since then I've identified as asexual.
  • @Ulthax yeah that's kinda what mine was too so I just really Categorized it as Straight
  • @Dorian yeah I'm technically bi, vaguely, but I've been just ID'ing as a lesbian for longer than I ever id'd as bi.
  • F*** it. Why not?
  • @OlympianHeros I feel like it isn't quite the same though. Like I genuinely look at some people that society calls attractive, supermodels or celebrities, and I can't see it. For the longest time, I didn't understand why people found butts attractive at all.

    And yes, that last one is definitely a sentence that I really didn't expect to be writing today.
  • @snarkyslytherin It's funny with me because I'm all about femininity. But finding a girl that actually likes me, my preferences, and can actually make a relationship.... well, I'd sooner win the lottery.

    Does it seem weird to describe your sexuality differently just for logistics? Maybe I'm just overthinking things
  • @Dorian see for me it's because I'm homoromantic, and very, very passingly find men attractive. add that to a bad experience, and you've got me id'ing as a lesbian.
  • Welp in an effort to just be blunt changing the name of the thread
  • @snarkyslytherin I'm not sure how valuable the sympathies from an online stranger are about your bad experience, but you have them if you want them

    @OlympianHeros Whelp
    At least people know what they're in for when they click the thread
  • @Dorian Didn't really know where else I could bring it
  • I'm straight, but I can appreciate the lookers on either gender.
  • @OlympianHeros Not judging, I just think it's funny how explicit it is
  • You mean, nobody has done a meme yet for this?

    Jumps off cabinet* I'm gay!

    In full honesty, i'd say Bisexual, if it's love it's love.
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