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[BETA] Babble Buds- A Virtual Puppet Show Program



  • @Kiko Nope, you should be able to do everything from within the editor itself! (the project info is all stored in plaintext, so you could edit stuff outside the editor, but that's not highly recommended). To add props you click the plus sign above the asset lists, and then select the images to add to the project. To create a new puppet, you can press the "new" button above the puppet preview.

    @CloudPelt Absolutely! Any and all art is appreciated. Especially considering that, right now, since I've removed all the URealms assets the only assets in the project are from Kenney's character asset pack, so there's nothing stylistically similar to URealms.
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    Really looking forward to the re upload of this. I understand why Rob took it down. I'm sure it's fine as long as no URealms assets are used... though I agree, something should have been done about Marionette Mates if it was an issue.

    EDIT: Even better if we banded together as a community to help the program thrive with more puppets and such.
  • @thepaperpilot Awesome dude. You can go ahead and edit in new pictures and links once you have it compiled and setup. Thanks.
  • Hey I can give a puppet as placeholder. I can make up a little asset library and send it to you later today if you want!

    Lil preview of le puppet:
  • Having trouble connecting to a friends adress were using the default port (8080) And were just getting connection errors any help?

  • I was testing with some friends earlier today and realized I broke some major things as far as networking goes. I'm working on fixing them, but I did go ahead and publish a new release that will work, just not pleasantly. There are issues with syncing assets, but basically if you connect, wait for assets to sync most but error on some, then reload your project and connect again it should work. I'm sorry, I assure you I'm squashing bugs as fast as I can.
  • Alright, I've released a major version bump: v0.6.0-alpha. We're getting very close to beta. You'll see we have a brand new sample project, showcasing @TheGravyNator 's amazing puppet. There's been a lot of improvements, and even more fixes for bugs that snuck in alongside the improvements. I spent quite a bit of time making sure this build is as stable as possible, but please let me know if there's something I missed. Thanks!

    Also, I'm not positive how organizing this would go, but if anyone is up for just messing around in a server together, that sounds like a lot of fun. It'd probably need to be coupled with discord or something, though, in order to get voice chat.
  • Gonna start messing with this now, thanks again! I'll see if I can't commission some puppet art.
  • @Rob kinda figured this was gonna be an issue so I didn't bother downloading it
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    This is freaking amazing! Granted, I haven't tried this yet with another person, but as a GM that does horrible voices, this will help with PC to NPC dialogue in future sessions.
    Keep up the good work!
    Edit: Also, something struck me.. And apologies if asking a bit much, but see it as an idea/wish, not demanding it^^. Could it be possible to add in a way to input text in real time? I got no clue if that would be too much of a hassle, but since I met many online as of late that are mute or just stay muted at all times, I felt it was worth asking. Either way, amazing program^w^.
    Edit 2(since I am not sure about the rules of double-posting in the forum. may not be a big deal, but still:P). I tweaked some art I used for my personal player tile one upon a time, and I like the results!

  • I did a puppet. I realize it doesn't have a mouth, but it's going to stay that way for the time being.
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    Wow, I really like how that looks!

    edit: @JackOfTheFlames Just saw your edits. Do you mean like adding a chat box to the program? If so, I feel that's a bit outside the scope of the program. I'd recommend using babble buds alongside a messaging service like discord, since they'll almost certainly do it better than anything I bolt onto the program.
  • WIP Clockadile puppet. And a Funk.

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    That's amazing @CloudPelt ;, for real. @Kiko She's adorkable!
  • @Kiko @CloudPelt those look so good! :drunk: 
  • @thepaperpilot how do you add new puppets to 1, 2, 3 etc
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    @Gloryddd ;The 1-9 slots are a hotbar for quickly switching between puppets (think minecraft's hotbar). You can set which puppet is in a slot by right clicking it, and selecting the desired puppet.
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    @Gloryddd Just to add to paperpilot's response, you must have saved the puppet before you can assign them to a hotkey.
  • @thepaperpilot  What language is babble buds in? Oh could you make it so when they move they bump up and down? Makes it look like they're walking. Would be legit.
  • Babble Buds is written in Javascript, using a rendering library called pixi.js and a "wrapper" of sorts called electron.

    The puppets already do bump up and down lol. It's fairly subtle, but if you watch closely they actually compress and decompress a bit as they walk, and they do it once more after coming to a stop. If enough people think its too subtle I can make the change more emphasized, but I'm actually really happy with it in its current state. This is a concern I've had before, though, and on the repo I already created an issue about this.
  • Oh, I see it after focusing in. Though moving long distances unless you pay careful attention to the puppets frame makes them look like they're moving in a straight line like a ghost XD but maybe that's just me.
  • I can't believe someone puts so much time into something, just to make it free. YOU ARE THE REAL MVP
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    So I feel like an idiot, but I can't figure out how to open this from the file. Could someone please help with that?
    Edit: Yup, i'm stupid and downloaded the Mac one with a windows.
  • Bubble Buds sounds better. Doesn't really make sense, but just throwing that out there
  • this looks amazing
  • @Montelepre Eh, it's just a matter of opinion. I like Babble Buds. Silly and works.
  • looks pretty cool will be messing with it
  • All this looks cool! I'm tempted to start messing with it, but I gotta work in the morning lol!!
  • Hey, if i wanted to add a new prop to the program how would I go about doing that?
  • @Shadow As in a new asset to use for one of your puppets? There's an "Add Asset" button that you click on, then you go into the folder the png file is in, select it, and click "open".
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