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Allegiance System For Forums?

Due to my attempt to rally the warriors of the ageless kind and another page about a forums king of kobolds I had a stunning idea. What if the forums had a system where you can join a group that is based around the world of urealms, such as Ageless, Triton, Monks of Karazim, elven families, and the such, then those who are the most renowned in those groups can run for King/Queen or other such titles, this could be placed as a subtitle or next to the nameplate, I;m no expect so I'm unsure on how difficult something like this would be to make but none the less, what does everything think of this? Would it enhance your experience here? 


  • Oh god did I start a war
  • I think it sounds cool but don't you think it will start fight especially by people taking it to seriously (not in a good way)
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    @Galeden @OwlsDream @OlympianHeros ;
    how about you three all just join the male kobold
  • @OwlsDream There would likely have to be some rules on not taking it too far.
  • @Galeden If so it could be great and it could make a lot of cool events
  • The guild of Kobolds xD
  • I'd support this, but maybe it should be for specific Campaigns as a way to promote them? Say, for a Campaign like Buckaroos, where you could side with one group of Heroes the other, Rob creates a "I side with Group X" button that lasts for the week of the Campaign. Both sides would get EXP and Gold for Participating, but if you back the Winner, you get Double Gold and EXP.
  • @friskyBrisky Ah that is a great idea, make them EXP related as well. I like that add more complexity than choose a player.
  • @friskyBrisky
    Make it happen Rawb.
  • As cool as the idea is, I don't think it would be such a good idea. While for the most part people are pretty cool on the forums, when sites do things like 'allegiances' or teams, people suddenly get very attached and anything perceived as an insult might cause rifts between people. I've seen things like this happen on several sites I frequent over the years.

    Even if there are rules in place, some people may just act out and it would be better not to encourage the possibility of that kind of behavior.
  • I'm with @Sixelona and there's a singular picture on the internet that somes all this up perfectly

    And considering this place is for discussion and friendliness, it just seems like a really bad idea.
  • As fun as it is to roleplay red vs blue, some people get too invested and that's when things go wrong. They did something similar in Lords of Minecraft and had to make videos to calm people down after they were all riled up for their district team.
  • As someone who has seen couples break up over the fact that one of them went Horde and the other went Alliance, I gotta say this seems like a bad idea to have going all the time.

    It might be cool to have a mini event/game with it, but such an event would have to be heavily moderated to make sure people's emotions don't get too riled. And Rob already said that he wanted this forum to be mostly stress free and not needing too much moderation.

    Tis a fun idea, but I don't think it would work here.
  • *rezzes forum*
    imma bump this up so @Rob ;can see this. 
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