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What got you into Rob's work?



  • I just found a weird looking minecraft video as a young lad and I liked epic sieges so I kept watching DvZ, and was basically there for the rest of the way through playmindcrack, camelot, LOM, and the actual DvZ servers later on. I was there for Deathrun, Murder, TTT, I watched almost all of the pkmn rob content, even the last few runs Rob did of the latest games, Nuren, season 1 (and actually started playing with other fans even way back then!), lore streams, season 2, and I actually started donating this season! I laughed my ass off at every new entry to Rob's Weird Videos, and eventually found the original channel to watch some of the OG Urealms, but I can never finish it.
  • I came across some of his work online occasionally, and one day decided I wanted to know who this guy was.
  • I discovered rawb when my friend tried making Dwarves VS Zombies on xbox 360 minecraft edition. Interested in the idea of the game I found Rawb and That Slab guy
  • I heard about OldManWillakers through Mindcrack, probably one of PauseUnpause's videos. I think I first saw mention about URealms through the Mindcrack subreddit. Having revisited Rob's channel for the Pokemon Sun holiday show, I decided to start watching through the URealms campaigns in January. Good timing I suppose.

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    I was following Pause on Twitter, and he tweeted about streaming something called DvZ so I tuned in and I've been hooked ever since. At least 2011 me made some good decisions.
  • Well first i found his really old channel with world of Warcraft, but i didn't find urealms through that. I just happend to see coestar streaming something i didn't recognized and decided to see what it was.  I watched about an hour of unseen rogues when i decided i should watch this all from the start.
  • I first found out about Rob with Dvz but I lost watching rob later then I found Urealms in Season 1 and I actually enjoyed it so yeah that's what happened I guess... Idk how to explain it other than that
  • A friend introduced me to Rawb's DvZ stuff, which I liked.
    I then came across his Blaze black runs, which got me completely hooked.
    Now I can't escape.
  • For me, it was unforgotten realms when it was on escapist. One of my friends told me about the show and I was hooked from there. I started to stop watching his work after a certain point. Forgot about him, ended up stumbling on the brucewillakers channel at some point and saw the buffalo wizards videos. Been keeping up with his content since.
  • my one friend came over and showed me unforgotten realms when i was like 7 and i was hooked from there
  • I found Rob through Pauseunpause and DvZ and I have been following his awesome content ever since.
  • My brother started watching a guy named kurt, who joined minecrack. I started watching a few of them, including Pause. I don't remember what the first thing  they did together, but that's when I started watching rob. I think it was Murder (TTT before it was TTT) It feels so long ago. I think I said this on another thread, but I remember watching the first "Realms/Campaign" and the eagerness in Robs voice when he talked about this project. 
  • A friend showed me ep 1 of the escapist run of unforgotten realms and I immediately caught up and started lurking his old website. Eventually that went down though and I didn't know where else to follow him. So I lost track of him for years until I found the Zarlin catacombs campaign on Youtube and proceeded to go nuts for urealms again.  
  • Pauseunpause and tuna bandits
  • I actually first started watching Rob after I heard about him from WowCrendor when they were playing hearthstone together. He was very funny and meshed well with Crendor's demeanor so I checked out his channel, and I'm happy I did. I don't even wanna how many hours I have put into watching all the campaigns.
  • It started with DvZ. As a fan of dwarves in all game types I started watching when it popped up in search for dwarf and minecraft. After binge watching all the videos I started going to live streams, and became a general fan of Rob. Soon I was watching Lords of Minecraft, Played it for the plot, and anything he put out. However when he released the first unforgotten realms video I skipped it, saying "I may be a nerd, but I'm not nerdy enough to watch others play a tabletop game" Soon after I got into D&D and finally gave Romin's Band of Thieves a Chance, and I Never stopped watching. 
  • Ladies choice UHC, rawbs quad kill was amazing. After that I found his channel and proceeded to watch all the videos on there and went back to watch most of the Pokémon rob stuff.
  • Tuna bandits, enough said.
  • I was into minecraft and UHC interested me, but seemed boring. I usually watched one-two episodes and stopped for the season. However one faithful UHC episode I saw a man by the name OLD MAN WILLY. Not only was his name interesting, but he seemed funny and animated in his conversations and playstyle. From that day I became a fan and followed almost everything he did and am loving every moment of it.
  • The old unforgotten realms show he used to do
  • I met rawb 3 times before I became a fan
    1st time I got in one of the very early DVZ games I don't know how I either had friends back then or guessed the password. Both equally unlikely. But deadbones killed me for being a crafter..... I had no ideal what was going on. 

    Second time found twitch stream for 12 seconds then got bored cause he went on break as soon as I tuned in. 

    The third time was me wondering what ever happened to coestar. I was a fan of the original coe's quest and for some reason remembered it years later and looked him up and there was a video on his channel with rawb. also I watched jimmy the world of Warcraft story and somehow got cussed out by rawb. Which happens a lot more often than you would think anyways I kept running into him so eventually I just became a fan
  • Escapist Unforgotten Realms. I was really sad when it never continued but now I'm super happy with what that thing has turned in to. 
  • i found out about rob from his old dvz streams, became a fan and i have now watched almost everything he has uploaded (minus like some of his pokemon streams)

    Fun fact: i found out about rob, coe, and mindcrack (specifically guude) separately back in like 2011 - 2012 so i think its really cool how these (at the time) random 3 content producers i followed became intertwined in one way or another
  • DvZ absolutely, though I had seen thePMLtv before that, but only really got hooked when I saw Pause and Etho in DvZ.
  • The Adventures of Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon, definitely.
  • DvZ with Poose and Etho.
  • Either DvZ or UHC, forget which came first.
  • @NikoKun Rip Guudewillies
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    @gonan I literally found Rawb through the same video at the same time lol. Now I'm just hooked on everything he does and I still am chipping through some the old stuff like 2 player.
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