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What is your Favorite and Least Favorite Color?

Simple questions that no one seems to ask enough!
For me, Burnt Orange is my all time favorite color, and that weird Green mixed with Purple color is the worst!


  • I'm pretty partial towards purple, and ironically enough, orange would probably be one of my least favourites, so it appears we are at a standstill.
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    Partial to cyan quite a bit, but Im more with KnightSpral Fuck purple. I'm probably pretty biased with the purple thing but no seriously though. Fuck purple
  • Favorite is slate, fuck that weird piss-yellow color.
  • Love dark red, despise pastel pink.
  • Favourite is purple, doesn't matter what shade I love them all. Least umm, probably hot pink.
  • Favorite is Purple (preferably darker Purples). Least Favorite is probably Orange, but I haven't given much thought to it.
  • i like anything thats desaturated, primary/secondary colors are too vivid for me most of the time
    I wouldn't say I hate any colors in particular, especially on their own. Some color combinations are hideous, but on their own I don't think any one color is terrible. If I had to say anything, maybe a really saturated hot pink, but even hot pink has it's places and uses. 
  • I love me some foresty green. And screw neon colours
  • Favorite Dark Greens. Least Favorite Most Blues (exp Navy Blue) 
  • Purple is by far my favorite color (as it is the color of royalty). Yellow is my least favorite because it goes horribly with almost every other color combo >.>
  • Fav: Blue.
    Least fav: Yellow(especially if it's like dirty yellow paint)
  • Favorite color has gotta be red. I don't think I have a least favorite color.
  • Favorite color is a bright, lively green. Least favorite is teal/blue green/cyan.
    (Why did you betray me green :(  )
  • Cobalt Blue makes me moist and bright yellows and greens are super lame
  • My favorite color is any kind of blueish green and I detest yellow
  • Favourite colour changes between green and blue whenever I think about it. A orangey-yellow is my least favourite, it's way too gaudy for me. 
  • Royal blue is probably my favorite color, and neon yellow is absolutely atrocious. 
  • I love gray, my family often call me grijze muis (gray mouse).
    I dislike orange even though its the color of my country (mostly with footbal)
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    Disregard this comment, for some reason when I edited a spelling error in my original one it duplicated itself?
  • My favorite color is teal, because it is blatantly the best color.

    My least favor color is cyan, not because it looks bad, but because it's clearly trying to impersonate teal. Disgusting.
  • @OwlsDream Are you Dutch?
  • My favorite color is black.
  • Favorite: red. Least favorite: orange
  • @snarkyslytherin yeah, from amsterdam
  • @owlsdream Mijn opa is nederlands. I know a little dutch, but not nearly enough for a conversation, however.
  • @snarkyslytherin did he move there or did your family move
  • @OwlsDream He was born there, but his family moved when he was 8 or 9. I don't really talk to that side of my family anymore, but I find it pretty interesting!
  • @snarkyslytherin yeah that's cool sad they had to move because it's prettey nice here, although the dutch music isn't very good, the rest is fine
  • Favorite purple least favorite blue
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