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So I may've shot myself in the foot by being so gung-ho on running a 2-day campaign with my girlfriend, and finishing it off with a week left until the proper mod is released. Becuase now, I wanna play again, -really- badly, and I wanna share ideas with this community, and I wanna come up with new campaigns and play them and i'm  losing it WHAT DO I DO PEOPLE?!


  • Do the best drug ever to help you pass the time. I'm talking about EXP man
  • @TakiHimora EXP? I mean.... I could, but, that's really ba...

    ....*Eyes snap open* ...I'm going to make a campaign themed around EXP based on Breaking Bad.
  • Sounds like a pretty good idea... but I understand wanting to play it as well
  • play another game before official is released

    play DnD or some other tabletop game

    rewatch seasons 1 and 2 plus sidequests (seriously its like 2 weeks worth of content if you watch it straight through
  • dude, i think you just need some swams 
  • How dare you bring up blasphemous games here! I already watched both season once and right now watching the last side quest @ofalo
  • hibernate, it's the only answer
  • I'm waiting for the mod to release to begin developing my homebrew with earnest. ^-^
  • *Rolls around flailing* But I want it to be nooooooooooooooooooow!
  • ...Wait... No. I know what I'll do....

    ...Project Last Hurrah. One final campaign using season 2 rules and creation... One final game - One final scenario. I will have to plan, design, and run it... In -five days-.
  • Sounds like fun on the bun man... but not to burst you bubble but rob said he release the mod after the first campaign but didn't give a time so could still be further down the line @brownhair798
  • Last update I heard about it was that it was 99% done, and that he was pretty much going to release it after the first campaign so he could put the final touches on it.@TakiHimora

    @Rob don't suppose you've updated your plans on that, by the by?
  • yes but it could be a few days after the campaign is all I'm saying
  • Just do what I do and fuel all that energy into to creating cards or making campaigns that will be ready when it's time to go. Don't listen to these druggies, use your creative energies and make-a the magic with the cards and the campaigns and the stuffs.
  • i thought he said day after
  • Hopefully so I wanna see if I can get my friends into the game @Blast_burn
  • Here's something you can do until it comes; go outside decked in a bunch of URealms gear, and just advertise the shit out of it.

    Then give Rawb all of your money. All of it.
  • Do you have guys to party with or are you planning on pubbing a group? I dont know anyone who owns tabletop simulator so im on my own. 
  • @username Rob is that you?
  • ...IT IS ROB, ISNT IT!
  • edited May 2017
    @Power I'm just doing it with my girlfriend for now.

  • huh I thought that thing was free. Had to look it up @Power
  • I'd love to play if that's what your asking 
  • @brownhair798 I also want to make campaigns and stories and talk about ideas for setting up games. We really need a GM chat room for urealms on discord or something, if you still feel restless hit me up, I am trying to make some campaign stuff myself.
  • I also be open to playing with people
  • We really do. I should start thinking about trying to design campaigns based on more than just myself and my girl playing... Get some more people in.
  • Okay, this should probably be its own post, but I've set up a discord server, all are welcome.

    I still think something official would be better...
  • I lack any sort of creativity and so i am reliant on others to gm. 
  • And I'm to lazy to gm most of the time
  • Well, I hope to open some groups with my campaigns once S3 drops. My only real requirement is have voice with a decent mic - I tried running one of these games where one of the guys didnt use voice and it just made it so tedious.
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