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Here's every Dragon Aspect's name, written in Elvish.

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This took way longer than you'd think. I did this as an exercise to grow more used to writing in Elvish, and to begin to memorize the alphabet. I think I'll make flashcards for it, later. Huge thanks to @polutropos for releasing his translation guide :) 


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  • @snarkyslytherin ;
    To post images, don't hit enter, hit an arrow key instead. It's a weird error that Rob has acknowledged.

    Let me see if I can post this image.

    There you go!  :)
  • Thanks! I was on my phone and the website wouldn't load on my laptop >:( thanks man :) @friskyBrisky
  • Thank you! I want to learn how to write in Elvish without even thinking about it, so this is a decent start. @JackOfTheFlames
  • is there a direct letter to character translation? or is it kind of like Japanese where the symbols represent sounds that would require more than one, or chinese where a symbol can mean an entire word?
  • While it's a language in universe, at the meta-level it's a font, basically. Or a separate script for the English language, rather. @Ozoner
  • What if this was a font for a computer, or for a web browser. I can see so many people looking over the shoulders of their children and asking "What is that demon language you are reading?!"
  • Oh i'm stupid :P 
    I was so excited that Rob and DB had made another language.... heehh
  • This is fucking great my dude. The fact that you chose different colors for the names to represent them is a really nice touch.
  • Thats pretty neat  maybe I'll take the time and learn some elvish 
  • Someone already turned it into a downloadable font, for experimentation and translation purposes. @JackOfTheFlames
  • Yeah, conlangs are just so time consuming though. And hiring someone to make one is super expensive. Doubt we'll ever get anything more than alternative fonts. @Ozoner
  • Oh! well, then I'll just grab some popcorn and wait then @snarkyslytherin ;3
    And honestly, I feel the font is enough @Ozoner ; . I may not be the most knowledgeable about the lore, but I get the impression that most races have been around each other for so long that they all have some grasp of each others languages, making it kinda null to make up whole languages in meta form.
  • Well, Canon-wise that isn't true. The Elvish had to be translated, remember? @JackOfTheFlames
  • Alright, then I am just forgetful~ I blame 1 hour of sleep tonight. But I still feel fonts are enough. Maybe some phrases and words, like how they do for Warcraft (or well, seemingly doing for us whom do not know all Warcraft lore). But even with just fonts, I feel many would find it.. "cozy" to be able to understand the fonts of their favorite races and use them in some way during their campaigns, as a meta-but-Urealms-related challenge of sort.
  • I just realized I missed the N on Dragon.... Whoops! 
  • Rob
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    Neato, I have never seen the Dragon names in elf. Some of those look like capital letters. Elves generally only use capital letters when starting a new sentence as they don't have any punctuation.

    I won't pretend the elf language is really anything special other then a font file. I didn't really want it to be some super code language only the most clever of nerds could figure out, but just a simple code that pretty much anyone could roughly translate. 

    Sometimes when you translate elf stuff it also won't fully make sense. This is because typos are super hard for me to catch in elf, but you can just assume it's a translation error because it's a maaaggicallll langguaggeee.
  • ^Stuff like that is really cool @Rob . Simple idea, great execution!  Have a great week!
  • Oh cool! The whole not having punctuation thing is good to know! Thanks :) @Rob
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