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Grand Paladin Theorization

Rawb's pre-campaign hype train is picking up speed. The latest video from the URealms crew was expertly voice acted, cleverly animated and, of course, raised more questions than it answered.
Now, it is our civic duty as an obsessively dedicated fan-base to either answer or theorize about the questions this video raises. Any and all answers/theories welcome, although we're specifically looking for:

Who was the grand paladin before Virgo?
What are the requirements to become the Grand Paladin?
Who are the candidates for the next Grand Paladin? (Are we really certain it's going to be Galen and Lance, knowing Rawb?)
What do we know about Gwenyth's mother, Gwendolyn? How did she die and where else has her name been mentioned?
Why the heck are all of the donations this week spider-themed? What did Goldstandt do to make spider ageless?

I recommend checking out the Elven Pages Translated forum discussion for an elven-english alphabet and translations for the the massive lore dump hidden in "The Grand Paladin Order"


  • I think Bruce/Old Man Willakers was the grand paladin before Virgo. In the video we see some art that shows Bruce and some Elf, as well as some Elf discovering Bruce dead and seemingly performing the ritual. This Elf could be a very young Virgo.
  • Nader's writing says that Virgo is the second or third Grand Paladin depending on who you ask, I wonder what this could mean. Either way I think the first Grand Paladin was Bruce Willakers because it was mentioned that the Grand Paladin Order was a Dwarven order.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ @Caleb_Bomb I made a thread about that this morning and I think we fully worked out the deal with Bruce Willakers, Its named "I think Bruce Willakers is dead?" If you want to check it out.
  • @Caleb_Bomb The second or third paladin bit could refer to the possibility that there was a first Grand Paladin that did not use this title and didn't plan/agree about the ritual to get a successor or the ritual itself wasn't even invented yet. In this case they would be the first Gran Paladin, yet they wouldn't be a Grand Paladin at all because they never intended to be. Their successor would become the first Grand Paladin, as in the first to perform the ritual that started the chain, yet strictly speaking they would still be the second because they would have inherited the power/knowledge/personaliy from the original one.

    I have no idea if any of that made any sense, as I used a lot of impersonal pronouns, but in my head makes sense.
  • Guys, the campaign is set in Kaddoral, the place schmoopy left his lemon grenade.
  • What if the special artifact mentioned in the donation events lead to mikael being a candidate
  • My comment from the annoucement thread

    "Is it too early to make predictions? Cause I predict that Galen won't be both Grand Paladin and the Head of the Sunswords. He will be one and Gwyneth will be the other."

    also I don't know how to do actual quotes
  • Further, I think that Galen will be pushed toward being the Grand Paladin, but something will happen and Gwyneth will have to take the role
  • @H0tpixel I didn't see the new updates, thats a pretty cool theory. @Razer yeah and Kaddoral was attacked in the old Unforgotten Realms too, by ogres, not ageless but still.
  • i really want the Barringsters to get the part in the council.
  • @kreeperkiller63 That would be so terrible, but would make things much more interesting!
  • I predict the final boss will be either a Wizard Spider, a Death Knight Spider, or ''worse'', a Multiclass ''Wizard of Death Spider!''

    It's also possible you'll have to pay for the Wizard Spider to Multiclass.
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