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Most MEMORYABLE "Rob" moment?

What the purposefully misspelled title says. This can be any content Rob has uploaded ever, be it a video, live interaction, or even if it was someone else involved.


  • Rob's Vacation Vlogs. I know I should introduce people to URealms via URL, but I always send them to the vacation vlogs first.
  • So many to choose from... UR2PLAYER Super Mario World, GRR Podcast, Roleplay, Drink Nights, Jimmy World of Warcraft story (when it was initially uploaded) and of course Unforgotten Realms. I can't possibly pick my favourite, but for me being shouted out by Pause during the DVZ stream where they introduced Maximus Blacksimus was awesome and memorable.
  • There's definitely plenty of Rawb history, but I have a distinct moment from URealms Live. I will never forget (and spoilers for S1C8) the Zarlin Catacombs and the battle with Beenu War Machine. I have Rob's ENTIRE salted soliloquy to Deadbones "Thrower of the apple" Morganna Marie. And  the best part, is that the odds were that this would almost have never happened, it was a complete fluke that they had a wasteable turn and he decided to toss the fruit. And then, Rob went ballistic on him for having missed the hints earlier, and how he just won the battle for the party through means of pure folly. The moment shall live on within my heart forever.
  • Anything from Pokemon Rob, although I'm a little bummed about him stopping it, I am glad he is doing bigger and better things, like Urealms Live.
  • I think for me it has to be the choose the night video:
  • A memorable moment for me was during one of his pkmnrob videos where he had a "freudian slip" and said something a little racist. It always makes me laugh how he was trying so hard to move on to anything else and skip over what he just said. Had me dying.
  • gotta be pkmn rawb, great memories. same with the original Urealms
  • Realm of the Mad Rob was and will always be one of my more favorite things with Rob. The game was so much fun and all you had to do was survive the mad god. Not hard at all. =P
  • The most memorable "Rob moment" to me is probably that time he released an episode of Unforgotten Realms, and then was like "screw this, I'm gonna go play video games." Cue several minutes of Team Fortress 2 footage.
  • So many memorable moments. But I'm still collecting tuna in honor of the Tuna Bandits to this day.
  • Dang there truly is so many to choose from. I've been watching Rawb's work since the 7th episode of the original Unforgotten Realms if ya can believe that. XD
    Just recently rediscovered the old GRr podcast videos, classic:
    The ol TwoPlayer videos (specially the Saints Row ones) were always hilarious:
    I also remember Rawb streaming and then putting up lets plays of Majora's Mask and Psychonaughts. I miss those.  :(
    Course theres everything involving URealms old and new. Impossible to pick a best moment there cause there's too many. XD
    I could go on and on with this list. XD 
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    A lot of mine are from PKMN Rob. One I can recall is the making of his Mamoswine trainer video in his pokemon x nuzlocke. Rawbnique and her mamoswine coat. So good.
  • I liked the Pilot for URealms. The Orc dad hammer and the 1000 year fire were great.
  • "And then the guys, ascend the tower, to floor 11 (doesnt show eleven) SHIT! 11! SHIT! LEVIN! SHIT, 11!"
  • Honestly, the whole of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Cinematics Only videos. Rob role playing/narrating that game was hilarious from the beginning to the end and it was so good it started a Cult of those who shalt not be named lest they appear once more. For when you join the cult, you may never leave the cult...  >_<
  • I think the neatest thing to me about this thread is how everyone of you so far has pretty much said something completely and wildly different, half this stuff I wouldn't even really remember doing if people didn't remind me I did it, it's that long ago it feels like.
  • The one that comes to mind for me was his oras lp when he met the contest girl and took a solid few minutes talking about "flinching"

    Its about 18 minutes in 

    Going back and watching it was such a surreal experience 
  • Of all the things to come to mind, Rob playing Minecraft blindfolded still has a special place in my ghosty soul:
  • My favorite moment was in UHC when he made a gold sword and jukebox. 
  • Honestly the first thing I think of when I thing Rob is "HAUNTER, DO THIS OR YOU'RE FIRED!" in the Rawb voice
  • It's definatly the Moment in Pokemon Y where he discovers that he can run without running shoes and dubbs it his "racial passive" its what I show ppl when they ask me why they should watch his content

  • There's so many, but my favourite memories have to be from the old Dwarves vs. Zombies streams, just Rob messing around and doing the most rediculous, hilarious events. One memorable example is when he invented the internet 
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    I remember Rawb beating Blaze Black 2. RELEASE THE BEES and BUTTER THE BISCUIT! Good times.
  • The one eposide of TTT where everyone was silent for the longest amount of time and Rob shouts breaking the silence.
  • Back when I was switching from EverQuest II to WoW, I saw Jimmy the World of Warcraft story and I remember thinking that noone put as much effort into making awesome videos for EQ as WoW, then there was the "EverQuest sucks" line and I died laughing.
  • Every single time Rob did anything in a Trouble in Terrorist Town video.
  • There are so many good ones I can't really decide but I'll go with the Pokemon Y final. The battle with the elite four and the way he brought out the music was really epic (I'm having troubles with the spoiler tag for some reason) 

  • In his Pokemon ORAS playthrough when he met Archie (aka Captain Racial Diversity)
  • I don't know why but when I think back on the stuff rob made me laugh about that time when the statue of Thor turned to glass when dwarves were mining it even though they weren't supposed to comes to mind. That and the face he made with the OldManWillakers skin by crouching to "scare" Pause that one time.
  • All of the PKMN Rob stuff is great, but especially that one moment where Rob talked to the NPC who yelled THE SEA. To this day whenever I hear someone say "the sea" i think back to that.
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