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Site crashing

Rob, or any one else who knows the answer to this.
When ever I select something on the forums the forums take a bit to load then crashes saying this site can not be reached I can just refresh but it happens every time and its annoying. Yes I know this is a new website and it will be buggy. I was just wondering if you know when this might be fixed, also thx for the new website it looks amazing. Sorry if this was already posted.


  • It'll just take time, everyone's trying to join the site at once so of course it's gonna be laggy. I doubt there's an ETA for the time it's gonna be better but we all just need to be patient :smileporc: 
  • Between the initial discord rush and the eventual video, I give it a week or two before it's stable.
  • Yep, just give it time for people to see the new site and calm down.
  • kk thx. also what ETA?
  • Yeah, there is currently a lot of traffic right now. Site will probably be way faster in a couple of days when less people are on at once.
  • sweeet. HYPE. also is urealms table top released for us yet?
  • Rob in his video said it will probably be released soon after the first campaign of season 3 (on May 27)  :p
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