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Nader's Pages + Other Random Stuff Decoded [Lightbeards Update]



  • @Razer They didn't have the sin yet. 
  • Beenu are considered the Rightful Rulers of the realm

    At least by Golestandt

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  • @Dorian ;
    What's interesting is that it also doesn't instant kill High Bears.
    Is that because of their immortality alone, or are they also considered rightful rulers of the realm? 
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    @Dorian Or it could be an indigenous species vs those created by the dragons that flew through space to settle on the planet. If I recall from the lore stream that Skygyptions/Beanu were first spoken about they were here before the other races and only known of through their ruins. 
  • @bl1ndn3rd Either that, or the Azveltaran are; Norokoh/Ghostblade is Lyn's daughter, after all...
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    Actually that makes sense.
    Lyn was originally supposed to wield it, so it would be kind of redundant if it melted her. 

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  • @Dorian That's because Ghostblade used some Billhooks, like Bei Mei, to decapitate the King, then switched later in the fight to the Junkoyosha.

    Strange detail, but I guess the beheading was important to him.
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    wrong  :*(
    It wasn't Junkyosha that was melting people, it was the curse seared onto it. Golestandt created the blade so that it was able to hurt divines and those with divine protection.The curse was created by the Old Gods with an inscription specifically indicating that it was the curse that melted the people who tried to touch it.
    I'm kind of curious as to why the curse failed to affect the highbear. Could be the divinity.

    Rob said Norokoh used two sickles for the assassination and said that they were similar to Bei's hook swords or bill hook.
  • because the curse was applied while ghost blade had the dagger, it consider ghostblade the rightful welder of the blade, this would also explain why Justin we able to touch it in act 1(it wouldn’t have been cursed yet). Remember the animation where the sin symbol was put on the dagger, this happened after Justin touched it, and before Bei Mei died.
  • That’s an interesting thought, everyone.
    Im of the opinion that the dagger will only melt people who have no connection to the old gods. Er... actually shit wait that doesn’t work because it melted Bei and she was a PC...
    okay yeah the ‘beenu and highbears aren’t affected by it’ theory makes the most sense.
    as for why it wouldn’t have melted Lyn, that’s because we hadn’t cursed it yet.
    Also the wording on the dagger as being made by golestandt to end himself is rather ominous and hinting to us seeing ol’ goal posts killed in S4 in that campaign where we see him again.
  • So I came back to this thread, wondering what potential name the next campaign would have (I think It'll be The Lightbeards) (That is, if the title of the campaign is on that shelf)
  • @Phendrix

    I can see that one or "Daragor" if Bruce is one of the main NPC's this campaign, however other ones I believe to be likely are "The suffering of Gwyneth" and "the magical scar" (possibly a sin), however nothing is sure as it is of course Rob who makes the campaign and we don't know what they will be about (for all we know Bruce might just die off-screen and we just hear a report about it) 
  • In the latest Behind the scenes video rob said the finale campaign would be called the lightbeards
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    Okay so most of the pages from the trailers are filled with what Nader actually says during the trailer but there are some bits of cool information here and there

    -At the end of the page with Bruce in the top left: 

    Bruce Willakers or old man willakers as I would come to call him was more high bear than he was elf. I’m not sure what part of elf Thor passed down on to these...

    -At the end of the page with Thor (this page is kind of weird since it's filled with the same words from the Nader's Unforgotten Tales page although the end is different):  

    ...that all that matters now is these stories. I must keep telling you about these tales.

    (The message on the old UR Thor drawing says "From Douglass")

    -And, most importantly lore-wise, at the end of the page with the two suns:

    Have I ever told you about my family? Old Gods I lost my wife and our two daughters shortly after the birth of magic. However this is not a unique story to our kind nearly all elves from before the birth of magic lost loved ones. It is partly the reason for our growth as people. Suffering changed all.

  • Has anyone translated the books on the shelf from the ending Nader animatic or are they they same as the ones before?
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