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Nader's Pages + Other Random Stuff Decoded [Lightbeards Update]



  • I'm gonna go dunk my head in lava now. @Weslid ;
  • Can't wait for the Nisovin Jamboree
  • i cant wait till "The Lightbeards" maybe more Lance backstory and perhaps Old Man Willakers backstory... Probably a season 4+ campaign considering Lance has already appeared several times this season.

    also looking forward to "New Boss".. what could this be about? could it be about something that will occur in a future campaign.. or will it be for something we have seen already...
  • @brandon
    I was thinking it would be a character we already know or some new character freeing the crew of the Bocoe, or The New Crew, and leading them under him, The New Boss
  • @Weslid There is so much good shit here, good job on translating all that dude.
    Also Moonwell Pass H Y P E! Been hoping we'd get Moonwell Pass ever since the Warmachine in Unexpected Discovery mentioned a passage to the moon
  • I thought it might be tambock at first as an initial guess, but I'm fairly sure the campaign will be "tambock's special friend show" or TSFS
  • I was thinking, and from just the name alone "New Boss" I feel just  sort of sounds like a Porc campaign. I have nothing to go on but I just have this feeling, it kind of sounds like a Porc campaign kind of like a Porbo follow up. The thought just appeared in my mind and I can't un-think it.

    So I decided to go back to the final episode of Porc Hunters, if it means anything Ca-Rell was referred to as the "New Boss" after they finished combat and talked to the Porcs. (Around 33 minutes and 45 seconds in.) Now it makes more sense how that thought had been triggered.

  • @Weslid Welp, you beat me, I just finished translating them all xD
  • Holy crap that's a lot of campaign titles to commit to.
  • "She's not bad Shezaite
    What a terrible pun.
  • I personally am very excited for the "This is not a campaign" campaign  >:)
  • @Pyrotrap
    I'm pretty sure the 'This is not a campaign' campaign is actually the final campaign of S3, you know, the Order Of Chaos one, because I have a feeling that's going to go meta pretty damn hard.
  • @KaeawynShifter That would be pretty awesome actually :)

    Personally I'm excited for "The Seventh Dragon Aspect" if that campaign ever happens (although it would make my awesome poster a bit obsolete : P )
  • Looks like there are three or so campaigns about icy stuff. Yvander hype possibly?!?!
  • @Reapor
    Nah not Yvander hype
  • Someine had the sunswords seal away dalfgan and it wasn't Virgo. So who would command them to do that.
  • edited March 2018
    @Fera it would haft to be someone with higher status than the sunswords, so probably one of the dragon aspects, or rohbear. But I think Virgo is still most likely the one in charge of that. 
  • Just added the new elven page from the latest campaign to the main post.
    Be careful of spoilers :p
  • Brilliant that looks great, looking forward to see what the future holds for Galen
  • Ohhh shit Galen's gonna go insane.
  • Hey, one of the decoded books says Mini Mana Arc and the campaign promo was The Mana Arc...
  • i personally can't wait for the "war of the Kittens'..hope that more of a lighthearted fun gooofy campeign with jsut  a bunch of cute kittens pawing at eachother using cardboard weaposn and the like

  • Nah man in Urealms kittens are the scariest race.
  • edited May 2018
    Translation of the donation

    Should a mortal being other than the rightful rulers of this realm touch this blade
  • @ThePhatSass
    Other than the rightful rulers of this realm touch this blade (all I got)
  • Should a mortal being other than the rightful rulers of this realm touch this blade, said mortal will melt away until they
  • edited May 2018
    Should a mortal being other than the rightful rulers of this realm touch this blade said mortal will melt away until they...
  • So Beanu can use the weapon?
  • @Minion I think it might be anyone with a sin
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