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Nader's Pages + Other Random Stuff Decoded [Lightbeards Update]

edited September 2018 in General Discussion for a small gallery with all the current pages together :)

Grand Paladin Order Pages

Azveltara Z Pages:

Nader's Unforgotten Tales: Band of Thieves


The random elven bits + The last page with the Realm of Shadows door

0:44 "Character"
1:07 "Your right it is"
2:49 "Hey"
13:41 " The entrance of which is located inside the elven city of Alevasorin home of the Sunswords. The door is sealed with Creation Magic to protect the only entrance into the Realm of Shadows. Long a- .... had Virgo and his children seal away .... two headed ogre by the name of ..."

Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator



  • you are awesome

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    Ahhh Goldstandt there is a lot i can write here about this giant wild beastbut to be honest I am much more invested in you yes that is right i am these texts Did you think i would be so foolish to not know that the old gods would attempt to translate my text This is so curious to me thought as why would the gods of my world bother to take the time to read the rambles of an old man If you are the creators of the entire realm why on earth would you take the time to read through my writings I know you are reading this because i can feel the heavy fog on my mind when you are near just like so many before me have mentioned Have I finally gone mad of is their truly a realm hidden beyond mine that you reside in I must discover what it is you desire  as i suspect that if you are watching our realm over others you must be searching for something But what would an old god even want with our realm

  • I swear, I am learning Elvish by translating that
  • @polutropos How are you translating the text?
  • I created a translation sheet for myself.
  • Well done! I clearly have to brush up on my elvish if rawbs going to drop so much secret lore for us tryhards!
  • @polutropos ;
    Can I get your translation sheet, so I can also learn elvish? Pretty please?
  • Thanks for the translation!
  • Came to the forums hoping for something exactly like this, thanks man.
  • forums are home of all the lore-junkies, lmao @Yawn
  • @snarkyslytherin One sec I'm at work and I know I have it uploaded on Imgur
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    @snarkyslytherin It is English, Elven Capital, Elven lower case
  • Thank you so much! @polutropos
  • @polutropos You're the mvp
  • No problem! The c's, k's, and y's.are hard to tell apart. I think the c's and k's were intentional but the Y is easier to tell than the other two,
  • Fantastic work!
  • What's really interesting, is that linguistically this script makes no sense. It definitely an alphabet, rather than a syllabary or another system of writing. Obviously at the meta level we know it's just a font, but in-universe it could suggest that language was given by the divine. C's and K's being identical makes sense, they're the same sound. C's and y's are two different sounds however so it's interesting that they're closely related. Again, with S and T, those sounds aren't related. There's hints of linguistic knowledge here, but for the most part, written Elvish is an insensible script. 
  • X and Q are also similar in their shapes. I assume it is because they are the least used letters.
  • @polutropos Just for the record, the second page starts with an A, not an F.
  • blade from dragon god phanto The blade is made to feed off the emotions energy of one who is in extreme pain which to be honest is very appropriate considering the life Gwyneth would end up living what i have found most interesting about this blade however is that it seems to draw power from the light Rather than death which is odd considering the blades creator

    I finished the first translation

  • @Poke Thanks! I knew I would make mistakes somewhere
  • So they created a new script for it. Cool. Now we'll have to say what dialect of Elvish people know.
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    Continuing the first page:
    --- = the next line (the video doesnt show us a few words on the side of the page). 

    -eme pain which to be honest is very approriate (Im assuming this is meant to be appropriate and is a typo) --- dering (wandering) the life gwyneth would end up living --- i have found most interesting about this blade --- er is this it seems to draw power from the light --- [rath]er than death which is odd considering the blades --- tor

    So basically the dusk blade uses the light rather than death for its power is what I'm getting from the last 2 lines. And the first two are probably a continuation of what was being said in the first part. Will probably do the end of the second page tomorrow.

    god damn it also didnt see the first one while writing this, stop working faster than me!
  • Alright I've updated the Main Post with all the translations from this preview  :)
    It was really fun to translate, especially when I reached the first meta part
  • damn you guys work fast! I have no clue how you worked it all out. :drunk: 
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    Qucikly started the 4th page because I was rewatching and got curious:

    Old gods who sit around and do nothing but mess with the worlds they themselves create. Honestly it sounds like something us elves would do anyway all things considered but this would explain so much I mean it would also open up a litteral (typo for literal?) can of beaverworms of follow up questions but then again you old gods do not seem able to speak anway. 

    This is at 2:57 and you can start the next sentence with with a capital k/c. Its directly under the drawing. 

    WELP! Disregard this then, didnt see the new edit to the post.
  • @weslid It @2:50 It is beaverworms not beaperworms. Still confusing and thanks :smileneena: 
  • If there are anymore languages in Urealms; I'll make a key for them.
  • "The third or second depending on who you ask grand paladin was of course virgo sunsword. Everyone knows becase grand paladin after fusing spirits using the powerful magic of the final gift spell with his predecessor the great Old..."

    If the picture didn't already confirm it, this might as well. Old Man Willakers!
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