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Who will be the next Grand Paladin?

Who do you guys think will be choices for the divine decision? Other than the obvious ones, I think Mikael Zankovich has a chance, especially since he will be an important character this campaign


  • i vote for a Barringster 
  • From the lore snippet we see, i'd imagine it being between Galen and Lance Willakers, since they were the ones arguing about it.

    Or maybe Gwenyth.
    i wouldn't imagine Kallark being it.
    Maybe Mikael...?
    I don't think anyone else was really significant enough from what we saw to really become the next Grand Paladin
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    Either galen lance or maybe gwenyth if u stretch it but i doubt it will be gwenyth since the way they progressed her as a character leans away being the grand  paladin. (Just my thought though)

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