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Divine decision.

So I watched the teaser for campaign 1, and I can't help but notice how nader stops telling the story to actually explain what happens when you become the leader.

How they wont really be the same, all the past leaders would merge into the new one

So I'm here to help you make a decision on the divine decisions.

Vote by picking who you would want to lead you in that scenario. Sure you might want to pick a squire with no talent in leading just because its funny, but I dont think that would be whats best for the order

Remember, the character won't ever be the same. I'm sure some of you like galen, and some of you would like the other choice. But remember, the character you pick won't really stay the same, he/she would start to turn into what virgo sunsword was, or currently is

Thats all the tips I can help you with right now, but then again, its your opinion, you could do whatever you want with it, especially since rawb said that there are differebt storylines for each choice

So I hope you guys will make the decision you believe in, and that you guys can make it to the show. 


  • as a ageless sympathiser i can't rely promesse my decision will be the beast, but i will vote on someone that can challenges the ageless, because even do i love many of the ageless characters, i still love a good story more
  • That may change who I vote for depending on what races the previous leaders were. Virgo being an elf makes me lean for Galen currently, but it could change.
  • i vote for the next Character Roamin makes
  • @TaeyRurj Not really sure if rawb will inform us about that, or if a dwarf would be an option. But that's what keeps the show interesti
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