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Looming Factory (Reformatted, Mod Version Live!!)

edited October 2017 in Campaigns
Earlier in the year I posted this set of maps on the forums with some barebones tips on what I did with the map. I've decided to properly format it as a forum campaign and make a mod. I've run this campaign twice, and doing so has helped me find out what's good about it and whats not. I have suggested stamina numbers, but I really suggest going through after character creation and rebalancing based on your party if you have time. Furthermore, while I don't like doing it, don't be afraid to fudge some of the numbers if you make any calculation errors and realize that something is way too easy or way too hard.

Campaign Information
Encounters: 5
Difficulty: Easy | Average | Hard
The Map: Map One Map Two
TTS Mod: Map One Map Two (You should download both prior, and make your players' inventories and tiles persistent when swapping).

Campaign Overview
This is a Campaign where the party has went to a town and is to assassinate the owner of a factory to prevent wrongdoing. If the players ask what specifically the factory owner has done, you could really say anything or you could just have it be a shady assassination job with no real moral reasoning.

Character Creation Setup
No real custom setup is required, however I'd suggest setting up some more high-power cards or combinations, as while the campaign is balanced to not be very difficult, you can make the party feel like its more difficult than it really is. 

This is a short paragraph you can read or adapt into your introduction once you are done Character Creation.

"You've been hired to go to the town of Dwenton to assassinate the owner of one of its major factories. Starting at the beginning of town, you're to find a way in, take out the owner, and leave. Whoever's hired you hasn't told you much other than the fact that the owner knows whats coming and has likely set up plenty of defenses inside the building. Furthermore, they're not picky on whether or not you hurt any bystanders or workers, that's completely up to your own morals."

Encounter 1
The first encounter takes place at the start of town in the bottom left portion of the map. A small street fight has taken place in front of the fountain, and the players can try and roleplay a solution, take place in the fight, or stand by and watch.

Cole Pane
Cole is a Paladin and the head of the town's police force. Unknown to the players, he's actually hired them for the job to take out the factory owner. He's specifically having the job done so he can be in possession of the magical gem she wears around her neck. While he doesn't plan on backstabbing the party, he will fight them if they take it. Cole will exit the Police Station (the building to the right of the fountain) with 4 elven guards after a few rounds of combat, stopping the fight. Afterwards, he'll attempt to be coy and surprised about the factory if told about it, and will try to join the party.

Stamina: 250
Anytimes: 4
Deathroll: 1 (Won't Surrender)
Basic Attack: 25 warhammer (He'll usually Basic Attack unless there's a good opportunity for a different ability.)
Fully Realized paladin. (Has every Paladin skill and passive. Is able to use Divine Intervention despite the Divine Favor.)
custom card (Should use sparingly, maybe once or twice in the campaign. Target a Player's minion if any players can summon them.)
greaterlayonhands (Use preferably in the final encounter, or try to interrupt if a Player dies.)

Samuel Fryboi
Samuel is a Theurgist in training who lives in the town, and is very easily swayed. He'll help separate the fight with or without the party and will offer to help them if they want an extra npc his service.

Stamina: 125
Anytimes: 2 (use to dodge, mainly.)
Defeat Deathroll: 5 (will become scared and stop fighting after 2 or 3 death rolls.)
Basic Attack: 5 (Should only attack in self defense)
summonairsprites (Usually is only able to summon two at a time.)

2x Dwarven Citizens
This encounter has 2 Dwarven Citizens. The Citizens should fight until the police force come to break up the fight.

Stamina: 75
Anytimes: 1
Defeat Deathroll: 10 (keeps fighting as long as the Elven Citizens are not defeated)
Basic Attack: 10 Shiv (General goto Action)

2x Elven Citizens
This encounter also has 2 Elven Citizens. The Elves are more likely to stop fighting of their own accord and are more easily charmed or swayed by the party.

Stamina: 60
Anytimes: 1
Defeat Deathroll: 10 (fight until police show up or until they Death Roll a few times)
Basic Attack: 15 Sword (General goto Action)

Encounter 2
After the first encounter, the second encounter can happen fairly quickly or be a long ways away. The town if filled with buildings you can use to improv roleplay encounters, which is mainly up to the players. They may to rest at an inn or go to a bar, any type of building can be impromptu drawn with the draw tool over a house. Once the players are satisfied, and you've had them talk with Cole and Samuel about possibly joining the party, next up is an encounter of Robot Guards protecting the factory entrance.

Iso the Victor
Iso is a delusional warrior who wants to enter the Factory for fairly unknown reasons, likely just to try and start a fight. Iso generally goes place to place, challenging foes to combat and losing quite horribly. He then boasts about his fights to anyone he meets, however he tells the stories as if he were the one who was victorious. If he survives the fight he'll offer to join the party, assuming they don't hate him. If he's put in danger, leave him unconscious unless specifically awoken by the players.

Stamina: 100
Anytimes: 5 (use to solely dodge and evade)
Defeat Deathroll: 1 (Will never surrender unless there's no feasible way for him to survive the encounter.)
Basic Attack: 1 (Oh, now I get why he loses all his fights)

6x Robotic Guards
This encounter has 6 Robotic Guards. Similarly to the Zarlin Catacombs campaign, you should defeat the 2 Yellow ones, then the 2 Orange ones, and then the last 2 Red ones, as damaging them in a different order will half the damage taken.

Stamina: 45
Anytimes: 1 (Use to interrupt any limiteds or abilities that would instantly end the encounter)
Defeat Deathroll: 10 (keeps fighting as long as the Party stick around.)
Basic Attack: 15 Shock (Range of 3, Stuns on High Rolls).

Encounter 3
After the second encounter, we are now on the second board inside the factory. The first encounter in here is a room with some conveyors and Kobold workers. The workers wont fight, really the way out is to find a key for the door at the far end of the room. This campaign has a lot of potential encounters you can skip if it's been taking a while, this being one of them. If you'd like, Cole could have the key, or maybe the door just isn't even locked. In any case, the large conveyor belt will be moving non-functional robot guards that the Kobolds are working on, and the far belts would push Gemlings into lava if the players are being idle or not doing much. Gemlings pushed into lava can become Magmalings, which are basically Lava Gemlings that would deal more damage.

As there are multiple possibilities for a third encounter, I'll be listing them under 'Encounter 3'. Its up to you if you want to use them all or just one. It all depends on the parties' rolls for getting through quickly or slowly.

8x Kobold Workers

Stamina: 75
Anytimes: 2 (Use to interrupt any players messing with the large conveyor.)
Defeat Deathroll: 10 (Probably wont even start a fight, but will surrender fairly easily if put in combat.)
Basic Attack: 5 Fists


The next room has one of the Gemling conveyor sources (which, if a players wants to climb through instead of finding the key from the previous room, you could easily just say there is a wall there and the conveyor uses 1-way portals, or some BS like that. A wizard did it.) Also inside is a large power core on a stand. In here you could have more workers. more robotic guards, or it could be empty. If you want to let the RNG decide, draw a random Mercenary companion for what's involved. In my games, I used 4 of each Robot Guard. The main focus is destroying the Power Core, which will deactivate all the guards. The Power Core must be destroyed to exit as its also needed to be destroyed to enter the final room.

Power Core
Stamina: 150


Next up is a room with a large vat of lava and some deactivated guards, heavily implying the power core dealt with them. Some Gemlings can trickle into the vat for some small easy Magmaling encounters, and then there are two possible Boss encounters. You can have a Flame Spooky appear above the lava, or you could have a deactivated Gemlord fall in and become a Magmalord.

Flame Spooky
Stamina: 175
Anytimes: 2
Defeat Deathroll: 4 (Will fall into the lava, injured when surrendering)
arcingfire General goto action

Stamina: 200
Anytimes: 4
Defeat Deathroll: 4 (Will fall into the lava, injured when surrendering)
Abilities (Alongside these, the Magmalord has Gemlord abilities, but describe them as firey and lava-like. It'll usually use a Gem Beam.)
unfairboundaries (Use these abilities to try and corner the party and hopefully cause some death rolls. If you want a harder fight you could give the boss an extra action each turn so it can deal damage and create terrain. Since there's a large lava pit in the center, it should be easy to make your players have to really consider where they move.)

Encounter 4
Before the encounter we're in a hallway; the first room has a golden outline on its door, that if the Power Core was destroyed, you should describe as half of the light being out. There's two more doors; one leads to a large gold vault, which you could throw an encounter in of guards or a Golden Golem if your Party has been super fast, but I've either made it just a room to have players roll for possible treasure or I've had a passive Gold Golem that only retaliated to attacks. The second room has a large pool of water and another Power Core. When this Power Core is destroyed, The first door will have no golden light and will be enter-able.

This encounter has fishspiders; little spider-like fish that you can be very creative with. I've set this up so they will continually spawn each round from the water until the core is destroyed. I would treat these like minions in the Season 2 Format of the game; They generally should just do a generic attack each round, and if there's a large amount, do one big roll for all of them rather than separate ones.

Stamina: 25 (You could also have them just defeated in one hit, depending on how many you choose to spawn each round.)
Anytimes: 1 (Use on Magical Web if a Player is about to deal a large amount of damage to the core.)
Defeat Deathroll: 19 (Fishspiders are fairly weak creatures and should just be squished or something fairly easily when killed.)
Basic Attack: 15 Headcrab (Spider jumps onto a targets head, and scratches before falling down. They'd stay up on Critical Hits. General goto action.)
custom card

Power Core
Stamina: 150

Encounter 5
Our final encounter starts with the players entering the room to find the factory owner, Frone Dreddus, sat in the chair, with 8 Elven guards at the sides of the room. The players can try and talk to her, or just start fighting immediately. If Cole Pane is present, he will be fairly passive at first, as he doesn't want to reveal his want for her necklace or his secret of being the one who hired the party. Frone will be on the defensive for any allegations of wrongdoing in the factory, and will act like the players are simply a minor pest. You should make a point to describe her interesting necklace with a blue, radiant gem in its center.

Frone Dreddus
Stamina: 250
Anytimes: 6 (Mainly use for Prickle Dance)
Deathroll: 1 (Won't Surrender, but even if she did your party is literally here to kill her.)
(Frone has access to every Petalwalker ability, however rather than petals and flowers, her abilities should be described using gemstones and shimmering minerals.)
fortunepotion (Use on Lascene if you end the fight this way.)
custom card (When combat starts, you should have your party roll for any Magical companions they have to see if they stay on their side. Unless they roll terribly, they should stay on their side under the condition they have a strong bond. If someone's RP is that their elemental was picked up yesterday, that ain't happening.)

When the Party goes to attack, or after some conversation, Frone will disappear into a small pile of gemstones and the elven guards will attack.

8x Elven Guard
Stamina: 30
Anytimes: 1
Defeat Deathroll: 15 (The guards should be easy as they are not nearly the main focus of the encounter.)

After the Guards are defeated, the floor will magically turn into the same conveyor belts we've seen before, shifting to high gear to push the players into the final room. In here, you can have the players fight Frone with her being the final encounter, and if so, I would give her an extra action each round. Or, you can have the players fight a Gemlord Colossus, which is a giant Gem monstrosity.

Gemlord Colossus
Stamina: 500
Anytimes: 10 (Use mainly to interrupt large scale attacks)
Deathroll: 1 (Won't stop fighting)
custom card (General goto action)
custom card (Start using when you want the fight to be more scary)
custom card (Use a few rounds in and then a round or two after gemlings are destroyed. Remember, Gemlings that fall into the lava at the end should hop up as Magmalings that deal more damage.)

There are multiple solutions to the Colossus fight as well.

-As his health lowers, you can have Frone, hidden from sight, cast Lascene. Describe Frone as walking around, not doing anything to the players, but just obvserving, studying.. After a while, have each Player roll, and the highest roller becomes unfrozen, and gets to fight an easier version of the Frone fight. Every few rounds, roll to have more players or Cole/Iso if present unfreeze.

Frone Dreddus (Easy Version)
Stamina: 75
Anytimes: 3 (Mainly use for Prickle Dance)
Deathroll: 5 (Won't Surrender, but dies easier.)
(Frone has access to every Petalwalker ability, however rather than petals and flowers, her abilities should be described using gemstones and shimmering minerals.)
custom card (When combat starts, you should have your party roll for any Magical companions they have to see if they stay on their side. Unless they roll terribly, they should stay on their side under the condition they have a strong bond. If someone's RP is that their elemental was picked up yesterday, that ain't happening.)

When Frone is killed, time will begin to unfreeze. The Gemlord Colossus fight will continue, however if the Players have the foresight to put on her necklace, the Colossus will become charmed to whoever is wearing it, as well as any present gemlings, magmalings, etc. If no Player does, and Cole is present, he will put it on. If the party has been rude to him, he will fight them alongside it, but if not, he'll happily become the new owner of a giant beast in peace.

-Now, if you don't like this ending, you could instead have the Colossus fall into the lava when killed, and come out as a Magma version, like the other gemlings and gemlords today. It would come out at full health with its abilities dealing double damage and causing Burning. When it's defeated, It could melt away and leave the unconscious body of Frone, implying she was controlling it from the inside. Here the party can kill her easily and deal with the necklace if they choose, or have Cole grab it for himself.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have fun playing this if you choose to! At the very least, feel free to pick and prune out parts of this you like and use it in them as inspiration for your own campaigns!

This campaign falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
The URealms art team of MeganzoorSixelona and Irishxlily!


  • This is awesome! It seems like you put a lot of work into this :smileporc: 
  • Very intricate. Love the effort put into it. :)
  • Just played this campaign, it was really well done!
  • BUMP because I finally got around to reformatting this post from Rob's Unexpected Discovery example AND got a mod version up and running! Please let me know if there are any errors or problems I need to fix :smileneena: 
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