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Beta Reader Volunteer Thread

tl;dr: volunteer to be a beta reader here, remember to follow rule 1 and you'll be fine.

We have a decent amount of fanfic authors on here, so I thought it would be useful if we made a thread where people can volunteer to be beta readers. If you're interested in being a beta reader reply to this thread and include any of your stipulations for reading, such as if you're unwilling to read smut or if you have any triggers you're uncomfortable reading. You may also want to add other non-urealms things you might be interested in reading. Authors, you might want to bookmark this thread and please send a direct message to volunteers to prevent clutter.

Authors please keep in mind that these people are volunteering their time to help you. Be patient and don't get offended if someone is unable to finish your work or if they turn you down. Also, if you're going to have people reading your work please be considerate and also volunteer to read other's work. It's only fair.

Readers, please understand that you're being offered the privilege of reading a work before it's published or shared. Be respectful and only offer constructive criticism. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to agree to read someone's work or to even finish reading it. If you become unavailable for whatever reason please edit your post to say you're not currently taking

EDIT 5/22/17: My posting in this thread acknowledging that you are willing to view pornographic content or smut you are agreeing that you are at least 18 or of the age of majority in any and all jurisdictions in which you will be viewing this content and that you are willing to view sexually explicit content.

To kick things off I'll volunteer first.

I'm currently taking requests and will read your fanfics. I've taken university level english and creative writing classes, so I can probably offer some solid advice/criticism. I'll read urealms universe stuff and original works and maybe Mass Effect or The Adventure Zone. No or minimal smut only, please. Feel free to message me and I'll try to help everyone out.


  • So beta readers are just looking for grammar mistakes and giving some constructive criticism, right? 

  • Sure I'll join in. It'd be good to read the many things people come up with. I might be able to help out with ideas and such. Maybe help a little with grammar and punctuation. Plus it'd help me with giving me more things to read. 
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    I would be willing to be a beta reader... I am only 16, but I do very well in English and both my parents and my sister are qualified to be English teachers. As a result I read and write much above my age level. 
  • @Caspian That kinda thing yeah. They're for people who are writing fanfic's and want feedback early.
  • I'll volunteer! I have taken a creative writing class, and have experience with fiction writing. I'll pick up a few fanfics on my downtime, if anyone wants revising. Please, no kinky smut. I don't care about minor things,but I don't want to hear (or read) about in depth, 50-shades-of-grey-esque, sex scenes. Just not my thing :smile:
  • I'll volunteer. Just a fair warning, if you pm me something to read, you'll most likely get my feedback a day or two later. I'm not on here all the time. Also, I don't want to read a lot of smut. 
    Roll for no reason

  • I'll read any and all things that people send to me, even hardcore pornography.  In fact, especially hardcore pornography.

  • I will volunteer. I have always been at a higher reading comprehension for grade level, and sometimes speak at a higher level than my peers, heh. I have enjoyed proofreading in the past, and can read basically anything. I don't really have any triggers, but something may catch me off guard, and it may take me a little longer than normal. Also, I cannot guarantee quick results, as I work five to six 10-hour shifts per week, with only one normal day off, sometimes two. But if you need someone, I am your Kobold!
  • I'm fine with reading all kinds of works, no matter what they may feature.
    I've always had an interest for reading fanfics and such rather than actual books anyway, I've written a few and I've even been that type of guy that has done lengthy story roleplays online on steam.

    Maybe I should write some small stories based on the lore I've been doing with my own URealm campaigns... Soon...
  • I made a small edit to the original post. tl;dr If you post here asking for porn you are agreeing that you are at least 18 or above the age of majority.

     If you are a minor, do not post here requesting people send you sexually explicit material. If you are an author and you suspect someone of being underage, do NOT send them sexually explicit material. If you are sending someone pornographic material you may even want to ask them to acknowledge that they are above the age of majority in their location.
    I'm adding this because it should provide SOME legal protection if this ever becomes a thing. I don't expect anything to ever come of it but this is mostly to protect myself and the other writers sharing their work. This isn't an issue for the URealms team because of their terms of use but by agreeing to their terms of use, which you did, you have stated that you are responsible for the content you post.
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