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How does one acquire gold and exp?

Probably definitely a stupid question. Searched around a bit but couldn't find what I was looking for. Please help a poor old jimmy


  • once every 23 or 23&1/2 hours you roll for gold and exp.
  • Specifically the roll resets at 12 AM Eastern Time Zone. You'll know if its time or not by seeing Phineas dancing on the homepage.
  • everyday you log on and click on the dancing phineas.

  • @RederickFlarrington No Problamo also, forgot to mention (mainly forgot because noone has done it in months) If you donated during a stream you can claim gold and exp from donations by linking this account to your patreon Email that donated during a live campaign. I donated around $250+ and so I got to be lvl3 on day one with enough to buy any portrait I wanted.
  • I also believe that you can earn gold by going to the shows, and watching them. Though, I'm not sure how they're going to keep track of it.
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    you also get gold by reading gilded discussions, 5 each
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