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The planet

Okay call me a supervillain or just a jackass but I think this planet needs to go. Problem is I can't think of any way to make it happen. Go ahead and give me some detailed ways.


  • release Dalf'Gan
  • Mmmm. No I dont think he wants to destroy the place. He just wants to make ogres @Ron_Fairham
  • Golestandt and the ageless are slowly doing their thing, that could work.
  • Un-kill Goldstant.

    Now you may be saying, "What? That makes no sense."
    "That's impossible."
    Or, "Wouldn't that just make it a utopia again?"

    The answer is yes. It is all three. Congrats, you just destroyed the planet.
  • @Ninjathis Pssst, I think you mean Phanto, not Golestandt. Phanto is the dead moon dragon. Golestandt was a light dragon that got turned into a death dragon after the birth of magic.
  • Roll a 20 on a pyroblast. 
    That should do it right?
  • No, I meant Goldstandt. That was intentional.

    If a dark/death magic dragon is un-killed, it becomes a light dragon. Thus, tipping the balance, and sending the world into chaos.
  • Step 1: Gather a bunch of Greater Pyroblast scrolls, either through seekers, wizards, or whatever other class.

    Step 2: Gather a bunch of dardevils, or anyone else with means of getting a guaranteed critical, and hand each of them one of the scrolls.

    Step 3: Hunt down every divine and let lose a critical Greater Pyroblast (daredevils can get a guaranteed critical once per combat).

    By this point, the world should be utterly devastated by the loss of divines and the sheer amount of hellfire that has just been rained down. Now I GUESS MAYBE Vulungra and her children could survive, but do you really think a bunch of fire-breathing animals can rebuild this world?

    Backup plan: Get a bunch of people to hunt down Jebadiah and spam Empahversion in every cardinal direction.
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