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The Random Attributes of Season 2

Hey, what's going on fellas? Before Season 3 kicks off, I thought it might be good if I dropped all this stuff here.
Attributes were one of the best additions to URealms by far, providing character defining traits and all sorts of benefits in combat or roleplay. Here are all the randomly drawn attributes that were used in Season 2, as well as the reactions of Rob and the players!

Justin - Gullible & Seeker of Knowledge
Coestar - Hoarder & Patient
Deadbones - Strong & Charismatic
Heathera StonemasonJormr's boyMikael Zankovich, & Taylor Langstrom
Okagnoma Guild Hall
Justin - Believer & Adopted
Coestar - Gullible & Cowpoke
Roamin - Intelligent
Enchanted Weapon - Cackling
HarrySteve IIPuzzSteve IIIHanzel
Murder Bros
Nisovin - Adopted & Deformed
Justin - Well Endowed & Intelligent
Deadbones - Ancient & Criminal
Coestar - Lucky
Highs & Lows
The Cobblers
Roamin - Bookworm & Peasant
Justin - Heart of Gold & Tiny
Deadbones - Illiterate & Vampire
Coestar - Strong & Seadog
High Bear - Charismatic
Ogre - Beta
Tower of Ultimate Wizardry
Roamin - Insane & Ancient
Justin - Seeker of Knowledge & Colossal
Coestar - Adopted & Intelligent
Deadbones - Seadog & Beta
Reesi Gandolin - Sigil of Flame & Doomed
Unexpected Discovery
Justin - Blind
Roamin - Child of Rokesh & Snapey
Coestar - Sigil of Flame & Artistic
Deadbones - Melodick & Deformed
Pombo & The Porcs of Karl
Deadbones - Ageless  Alpha & Halfwit
Justin - Overweight & Vampire
Coestar - Insane & Psychic
Nisovin - Hoarder & Devout
Fall of Dundinborough
Roamin - Vampire & Devout
Coestar - Ancient & Blind
Millbee - Melodick
Deadbones - Gullible & Pyromaniac
Den of Devils
Roamin - Peasant & Believer
Deadbones - Famous
Justin - Emo & Insane
Coestar - Colossal
The Skeleton King
Justin - Intelligent & Snapey
Coestar - Heart of Gold  Psychic & Bookworm
Roamin - Criminal & Klutz
Deadbones - Blind  Medusa & Deformed
Luca+ - Melodick
Ghostblade+ - Halfwit
Krungor+ - Charismatic & Filthy
Jamboree+ - Hoarder, Daredevil, Psychic, then Sigil of Flame
Tobias Cragg+ - Colossal
Are'ani+ - Vampire
Clott+ - Klutz


  • Fun facts, mainly for the players at character creation:
    -70 random, non-vetoed Attributes were drawn at character creation for the players.
    -The Attribute most drawn was Intelligent. It was drawn 5 times.
    -Coestar drew the most Attributes at 18.
    -Roamin's most drawn Attribute was Peasant.
    -Deadbones' most drawn Attribute was Deformed.
    -Coestar's most drawn Attribute was Psychic.
    -Justin's most drawn Attributes were Seeker of Knowledge and Intelligent.
    -The Attributes not seen during the live show and character creation were Blasphemous, Coward, Creepy, Cursed, Durable, Follower of the Light, Hippy, Honorable, Nobleblood, Quick, and Valkyrie.

    Things I wish would've happened with the attributes in S2:
    -Justin draws Honorable and regains his lost honor. (coming in S3?????)
    -Roamin draws Valkyrie and is forced to play a female character.
    -Two Attributes are drawn, and they are the opposite of each other. What happens?
    -Liar is drawn in Fall of Dundinborough. It is the S2 version, which changes your Race to Kobold.
    -The Decurse Scroll is used on an Attribute.
    -Follower of the Light is drawn, and it is given to the a character on the left side of the moral compass.
  • I worked on the wiki a little bit, I did a Den of Devils summary for half the NPCs in that campaign and Duke Daring's Eaglebear, did most of the Den of Devils quotes, and then I got lazy and stopped. If I were to continue doing wiki work I wouldn't really know where to start, but now you know I've definitely done my part already.
  • Good work mate.
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