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FURG discord server is now closed. Join UU instead^^

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FURG have closed its doors. While I had some fun with the server, it was just hard to try keep it going all by myself, especially during my period I barely touched anything URealms-connected. Join this server instead, over 10 moderators and we make sure to keep things alive;)
XXXFanserver URealms Global (name WIP) is a discord server I set up over two months ago when I first decided "You know, I REALLY need to find some Europeans to play with!", but I also realized that there are probably people in Australia and Asia that feels the same. And due to that, I wanted to advertise it as friendly for all regions. If you want to find people to VC and/or game with, come here(expecially fellow europeans!!!)


  • While this server is still small and "sleeping", my hopes is to make it a nice discord for us Urealms fans. I have set up so far these following channels;
    "welcome" with links and rules. 
    "news and announcements" where I will post stuff connected to the server or Urealms itself.
    "introduction" where you.. well, introduce yourself for the rest of the server.
    "general" the general chat.
    "looking for campaign" where you can look for people to play the game with.
    "the showcase" where you can show off things you made or in the process of making.
    "stories around the campfire" where you can share the outcome of a campaign or parts of it.
    Most of the chats that are focused on posting stuff also have a related channel where you can discuss things further.
    There are also 7 voice channels, one general, two for playing just about any game, two open urealms channels to let people listen in and two urealms channels that only fits five people each for more privacy.
    There are also one bot to use for music, but currently as said, one. If there would be a demand, I could try find more. But yeah, if you wish to find a place to meet other Urealms players, give FURG a look;D and yes, I may just change the name and abbreviation at some point xD
  • Link for the new server I am on, URealms Unified;
    This is of course also a fan server, nothing official about it
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