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I have a question about porcs

I know don't have any genitals but all the porcs have seen to be male or acting male like. But do porcs exist that identify as female? Or do all porc just tend act all male like?


  • I don't think anything specifically has been said about it, but I know there have been "lady porcs" depicted in certain animations, notably, the Golestandt animation from s2c1. What I think is that, while all porcs are biologically gender-less, more sophisticated porcs who have integrated into society have learned to conform to a gender if they please, to act more normal. Less sophisticated porcs, however, seem to act more barbaric, having a sense of predatory authority, giving them a more "male" personality. 
  • Hmm it would make sense but hard to think about porcs ever being sophisticated with all the antics we seen in the shows.
  • porcs, being gender neutral, associate with whatever gender they choose

  • I would imagine porcs could identify as what ever they want. I think its possible that most would be identified as males by other races because of their rugged stature and appearance.
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    I would assume that porcs act male because other porcs act male. If a porc acted female I believe other porcs would get the idea and copy that. I don't think they really care about it at all.
  • That was what I though about it  kinda a monkey see monkey do @Coldfire4134
  • I think the entire porc canon is kind of a mess right now and it seems like it's changed repeatedly and there have been multiple conflicting events. I get the feeling that they're not super set on anything regarding them. I think at one point it was they had genitalia based off of the pig that went into the pit but it was non-functional. But I think that was retconned in a later episode. I think the canon is basically whatever is most fitting/funny at the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • @koboldbard ik it seems like that the fact that one porc might have had genitilia and another didnt could be conflicting, but you could also say some come out of the pit with  them, nonactive of course, and others dont, it just depends case by case. 
    I would also generally agree that they are genderless, since they cant reproduce and generally thats what defines gender in this specific game universe, as a race seems to have a much larger impact on a character as opposed to what they identify as

  • Though Porcs don't have genitalia and are apparently genderless they have been seen with a "masculine" body type, while some of the Porcs seen in donation animation have a more "feminine" body type. My guess is that it's based off of whatever gender the pig the proc used to be was. Ultimately though, Porc society doesn't seem to have any distinction between genders, though given how Porcs have acted in the past they may decide that gender concept from another culture sounds interesting and decide to be that. Also keep in mind that the only appearance of "feminine Porcs was in animations and may have been drawn forgetting the fact that Porcs are mono-gendered/genderless.
  • It seems like Porcs come out of the pit with a blank set of instructions. And they quickly play copy and follow the leader. If such an individual Porc determines that there is, indeed a leader. If not, it seems like they get lost in their own thoughts and seem to behave like a "default" Porc.

    At least. This is my head canon for explaining away some of the inconsistencies. As long as "a wizard did it" is the most extreme explanation. I think the lore is in a good spot.
  • where are these "feminine" porcs you guys keep talking about, looked at the golestandt video from woodcarvers and didn't see anything, someone screenshot it or something
  • I don't know about feminine porcs in the golestandt video but in this donation animation from unexpected discoveries you can see two female porcs.
  • Justin's Porc Cop had a wife who was a Porc.
  • I feel like the "dumber" porcs are a bit more... Aware? They seem to know something the rest dont, but they don't say it. Or are to gullible to know its important. 
  • @BRainVoid ty man.  I like that you can even hear deadbones "Lady porc?"
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