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What are the characters you've made in the Character Creator?



  • Well, i toyed around with the idea of creating an Evil Scientist, who was raised by Funks, and well, i got this dude. It's quite a fun build, i didn't have enough room with my elven passive and my creepy passive for alchemist consumables, so i went the potion launcher route, which meant i didn't really need a weapon, but the Raksum claws fit this hulk of a character!
  • Where did you find a link to this?
  • @Coconut
    The link is on the right side of the character page on the main website.
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    So I went and tried out a character creation, with randomized attributes/cornerstones/classes/races, and I ended up making a rather tanky Dwelf Monk, that has his life in logging (with his bare fists) when a thunderstorm forced a tree to collapse on his dad, with said dad as his nimbus familiar. He's also pretty romantic, with his obvious *wood* euphamisms, so he can have some levity from his background.

    Gameplay-wise, I rolled an 18 for his gold (which means I've used up all my luck for the next week) he's got 112 Stam with a half-damage-taken armour (and an everfull goblet to boot), and a crunchodile that restores health to full every turn, and an array of tanking/control abilities. If you need somebody to stall the enemies big-time, he's your man.

    Link: Thallaine

    This is my first attempt at making a character, and I admit I'm more of a gameplay person than a roleplay person, but I hope you'll enjoy the chracter!
  • Sadly, without the cards to draw a random shop, I was only able to purchase things within my class abilities, but either way, I rolled a 16 on gold. Don't really have a backstory for her yet, but here is Azulin Matara
  • Not sure if this counts, I didn't use that character-creator, but this is a character I ended up with for a Season 2 Tabletop Mod.

    I tried to make a Kobold Lumberjack, with a "Beastmaster" build- Only abilities that interact with your companion, like healing it to full, summoning 8 smaller copies of it, etc.

    For her attributes, I randomly drew "Illiterate" and "Klutz". Huh. Okay. Fair enough, maybe more luck with her Companion-

    - And I drew a High Bear.

    In the end, she didn't turn out to be a Beastmaster. She was the High Bear's pet and caretaker of his cubs, and the High Bear was the real character.
  • I did some random rolls for classes and race, and got a 9 in gold! I ended up creating an elven Rouge with a thing for using toys on his concubine. 

    I drew Mech savvy and trusthworthy, so this relationship with his concubine is obviously built on trust, and the dubious use of a transmogifer in bed.

    Here he is Drackin .
  • I made my personafied Urealms character following the urealms formula here
    His name is Atoc Y. Mue which is Eumycota backwards which is a term for <True Fungi>
    But everyone just calls him Fungi.
  • So ah, i rolled an 18 for gold, giving me 180, and uh, i chose dwarf and monk, and i rolled the streetwise attribute. I may of went a little crazy with the gold, and spent all 1,280 of it, with everything being half price due to my streetwise attribute. And i only have one inventory slot to spare too, not as glorious as deadbones, but here's my Over Powered Monk

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    Well ok. So i was just fooling around, making characters for npc's in my coming up custom campaign dubbed: The Ageless One (already got people sorry). And i go around. He is a Dwarf Flamedanseur who is a smith (10 damage and is always doubled) with erratic, so he gets two random arcane spells.

    First is some lame companion one but then the second is the legendary companion ability Lucky Fox. And after that, its pretty simple from there, i give him like 4 flamedanseur spells, weapons and armor and a random companion no big deal.

    Oh wait. That companion was an Ogre.
    I present to you, Kroted Duskbeard

  • @Dolfinmaster
    Highlight whatever you want to make the link, then press the chain link icon, and put in the link, here's a link to the urealms website itself!
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    Right, so i decided to create a porc, and the random companion ability doesn't work, but i chose randomly; some of the abiltiies were useless, as i drew blasphemous. On a porc who was born in the tower of ultimate wizardy, which is basically a shrine to a dragon aspect. And he has a gobolf companion, also named Kevin.  He wanders the Tower of Ultimate Wizardy, having been born there by a wizard who as making porcs for some reason, with his gobolf companion, whom he saved from a trap or something. 

    He constalty denies everything he sees that is magic, like "that is impossible, nah, thats just a trick of the light" despite constantly wandering the rooms of ultimate wizardry, and his gobolf companion dissagrees, yet doesn't want to upset him so just goes along with it. 


  • I ended up making a second character. His name is Kolo Selvar, and he comes from a family of magicians, who want him to marry a dwarven girl from Abracadab, so their magical powers will help their child succeed!
    Rolled an 8 for the gold, and chose fire and arcane spells as my racial. I'm not sure if the legendary companion ability will be in the random fire deck or not, but that's what this character creation allows  :|. Overall Pretty happy with how this guy came out, even with the limited no shop version we have for now! :smileneena: 
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    It is worth noting that this is preseason3 as in it was the old character creation from season 2, I had to use the format from that by watching a chracter creation vid.

    If we're talking randomly none at all but if we're talking through careful card planning, I wrote a full out thing with gold values included and everything so it could exist in a game called Munisa if I rememmber correctly, the whole point of her character was that she was pretty much a crazy spell lady based off of a cartoon character (like to the brim) called star butterfly. I evntually got carreid away and wrote it into a story line with a legendary item and everything. I ahven't looked at it in a very long while so I assume it's pretty cringey, but if you want to check it out I can share it here, I initally put it up on the subreddit and implored others to try to recreate TV characters despite no one joining in hehe.... This was the docs version of my thing since either a full class builder wasn't on the website yet or I didn't know how to use it, probabbly the second one if we're being honest

    (Jeez I just realized I left edit notes and everything XD don't think I've looked at this in like 5 months)

    This is a very mobile kobold gal, raised by more educated and refined kobolds. She speaks with a posh accent, and is very defensive when fighting, utilizing the terrain around her. 

    She is crazy about all things fire, and loves nothing more than watching the world burn. 
  • Once there was a great war of dwarfs. They were using new born Porcs as fodder. But there was one Porc who would never falter. The Wall they called him. He saw many great Porcs die in that war, so he decided "No more!" I will protect every Porc! And so he set out with some Porcs to find those he can defend.


    I just wanted to make the tankiest tank character I could. His 302 health isn't even the start of how Tanky he is.
  • Here's another one, this one's a gnome, who is a reasonable fleshweaver! I picked fleshweaver due to her cornerstone, and now she has a Flesh Golem which is basically a walking flesh blob with flexible arms, which can then infest a target, and mid infest the character can use Soul Link, which links your spirit with your companion and allows you to drain stamina. So infest, and you can tear apart their spirit and drain all their stamina, and then absorb all of their blood in order to give you a blood frenzy, which with the build i have will either be warp blading around, healing the party, or shooting lots of fireworks everywhere. A perfectly reasonable thing to do.!Jz00Kh00J44*I!LsL*4$MdM@MWMk52513-EpE6B*
  • This character - didn't have much gold, only 700, so i had to be really selective in what i could buy. Which is ironic, considering their character would probaly be rather rich, considering their a messenger for royalty. Their a black boar porc, who is also deformed. Now, i'm thinking, absolutley hideous. Like thier skin as over patches of skin molded on to it, an extra foot on their back, they had a run in with a fleshweaver. Now, he's a porc, and a hideous deformed porc, so how is he a messenger?

    He's a dreamweaver with a mirror image, thats how. He uses hallucinations and his mirror image to go into meatings as a normal messenger elf, and for those who see his secret, he turns them into a vegetble, or takes them to the dreamworld. The character's rather beefy, with 45 stamina plus the kingfishers, which with their spell scrolls and spells total to 110. A downside is, they have no way of healing, however.;00L,00000000003M3Q3P3LphZAdIc!c000

    He's a unique character
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    Been waiting for a character creator like this. I picked my class and cornerstone personally, but my companion and a few of the items and class skills are random:*2C8MGa000023282A25294DGb6nGc00

    Ursa Major grew up in the old country, speaking Abracadab as the son of circus performers. He was a very strange child- first, he killed his mother by bursting out of her stomach at birth. Every pet he got, every pot puppy or Sandbold, he constantly broke their necks by accident, practising his various bodyslams and suplexes on them. He aspired to join the circus as a strongman or a wrestler, after his father.

    Unfortunately, the Great Hat Rat War consumed his land and killed the rest of his family. He fled the old country and ended up being taken in by the Kobolds who dwell in the Karazzim Mountains. His propensity to grow hair uncontrollably throughout his whole body made it a lot easier to blend in with the Kobolds. He regularly performs on the Karazzim wrestling circuit, but his main league is the Karazzim Fighting Championship, which mixes up fighting with theatrics and magic. He's well known for his on-screen rivalry with the KFC chairman, 'Colonel Kobold', and is the current reigning tag team champion along with his Porc companion, 'Steve Porcman'. Ursa Major wears a wrestling mask as part of his act, but refuses to take it off, treasuring it as if it was his own child.
  • So, my first idea was to recreate a reoccurring boss character in some of my campaigns. His name is Marvin the Fourteenth of the Ayer Fateen. This character was originally a joke character from a test campaign with some friends, but the character had become so ridiculously overpowered that I had to keep him. He and carries around a magic spoon which allows him to control his greatest fear... illusions.

    One of his highlight moments was when he killed off the entire Ayer Fateen Police force in blinding rage. Good thing every member of the force were part of a convoluted clone scheme trying to recreate the greatest officer ever. 

    I tried my best to just go crazy on this character using no boundaries and just creating something funny.

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    Choose my class and race, then randomly selected my Cornerstone and Attribute
    The Dwelf random spell and item became Rolling Fog and Jet Sneaks

    Wound up with Felicity Deprime:

    Character Summary: 
    Felicity grew up in a small house next to a very large forest, her father took her out hunting with him and taught her the art of the bow and arrow. She lived happily until one day she returned home from a hunt to find bandits had broken into her home, they had murdered her parents and ransacked all their belongings. Felicity devastated by this began to sink into a spiral of depression and wished to end her life when a humble Sorcerer, Melvin Higgleson, took her in as his apprentice. He fitted her with the Overly Protective Chainmail so she couldn't hurt herself and began to teach her his mystic arts. Her first test under his tutelage was to cast a spell of Rolling Fog over Melvin and his pet pot puppy, unfortunately Felicity failed to notice the lamp burning in the window behind her, and when she created a fog far larger than she expected it exploded killing Melvin and turning his innocent pot puppy into a fiendish Hellhound. 

    Felicity's goal will be to die in a way so that her memory lives on, she is currently taking care of Melvin's old pet but will gladly utilize any opportunity to go out in a blaze of glory. 

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  • It is so easy to play a legendary companion if you can choose buccaneer class, secret weapon.
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    In a family of smith Serderk was raised. He wasnt too happy with it, he didnt want to spend his whole life making shields and swords for others. He disliked weapons in general, and loves to fight with his claws. Seeing no other solution he decided it was time to be stealing his family pet, gold and a crossbow went out to a journey of his own. 

    The adventure away from home didnt go that easy and with nothing left to aspire towards he wandered on occasion stealing to survive. In a bar he meet a old templar. The man stories inspired Sedrek to become just like the man. So he join the templar order. He was happy for a while.

    But he had ideas, ways to earn a coin more on the side and tendency to befriend people who were having a more ... lets say criminal outlook at life. He was part of a heist that involved a rich templar collage, after that event Serderk is a criminal searching for naive people he can charm.*DEDGNYN2MNMO00000000DFC.
  •$6r6w1A ; (Roll was 13, aka 130 gold)

    He was ment to based on a character of mine from Season 2 but moved to Season 3 so I gave him Lucky since that was what he was well-known for. (Being that one guy critting)
    And his cornerstone actually fit him pretty well, an outlaw and the fact he originally had an legendary that let him did the same thing, except it was just once per combat.

    Klaubern is actually one of the main enemies from my lore and has been revealed to have a dark past, his Heartwall locket is although has not been revealed is a kobold he knows and still hangs around with. But by it meaning "lost" it means that since he went insane he actually split apart from said kobold despite being in love with him.

    All of his abilities that aren't booty raider were random from Blood gift (Templar was just moved to passive to make it easier though)
    But that actually helped the lucky guy, that means hes immune to: Arcane, Light, Fire, Darkness, Earth and Ice
    But ironically enough his first draw from the random blood gift was Lucky Kiss.

    Klaubern is squishy since at best he has 47 stamina and can't go higher than 50 due to blood gift, but hes a captain of a crew so hes never alone and he even hangs around with "Malthis" and "Fraz Divo", Malthis is an magician who has had his knowledge ascend and learnt every spell in the game and has the ability to pull out legendary spells from his tophat, meanwhile Fraz is a strong knight, Klaubern's original crush, originally he was a paladin but left the paladin order seeing as how it was more honourable and would do more justice to protect his friends. (He later was changed to the knight custom class since it made more sense, but this is Klaubern's story) Klaubern isn't the nicest guy though due to his insanity and lack of trust in others, excluding those two kobold.

    Anyway, look forward to seeing other people's! Also loved my discord's reaction to this guy's upgrade, they're scared of him now. :bopen: 
  • So i rolled a great random cornerstone, and a great attribute which blended together perfectly. Together, they are a mercanary team. They can be bodyguards, hired muscle, whatever. They enter tournaments, they win. Their great fighters and they do A LOT OF DAMAGE. and they are very beefy. The companion, a shezaite named Lucy, has 180 stamina. Dent has 79 Stamina. Not as much, but still a significant amount - Not to mention them stone powers. 

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    After randomising the Race and Class I ended up with Dwarf, Descendant and Buccaneer which meant I had 1,800 Gold to spend before the die roll. So I kind of just went nuts and filled the inventory.

    So here's Sir Quatermire, the Sixth, a wealthy Buccaneer from a long line of privateers who made their fortune through trade and mercantilism all over the seas.
    Despite a notable reputation and vast sums of wealth, his Gnome-like stature made it difficult for him to gain the respect of his peers. Using his many resources, Quartermire sought after a fearsome entourage to help garner the respect he deserves but found only Quibbly; a Dwelf Bard who begrudgingly serves him purely to be close to Gaila (Quartermire's Gumioh Companion). Despite often appearing in her Elf form, Quartermire treats her as a pet and Quibbly longs to free her from him so they can be together.

    Quartermire has a total 136 Stamina healthpool and mostly serves a passive role in commanding others as well as his companions. His Golden Revolver lets him take pot shots and his Offhand Assassins Dagger lets him stab the ankles of those who get too close. Gaila's passives make him an accurate shot, with a high chance of critting, who heals for all damage dealt.
  • Tobias

    A crazy Keen tiny sellsword, with his sister the Alchemist
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