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So last night I had a dream about URealms...

Last night I dreamt that I completely missed the first livestream about the Palidin Order. In the dream I got super depressed and sad that I missed it.
So that leads me to this question for you guys.
Have you guys ever had a dream about URealms? And if you have, what was it about?


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    I had a dream were I was apart of Thata Squad and fought Porbo. This was after I finished Kobold Headhunters. A few days after the stream
  • I don't dream.  :(
  • @Lone don't worry, you're not alone. But you are @Lone. But you're not alone.
  • I had a dream where Rob and Coe were secret agents. I wasn't in it but it was still a good dream.
  • I did last night; nothing specifically about a campaign, but I did dream about how the Puppet Technology had improved. They looked like they were straight out of Unforgotten Realms, in blue's and gray's.

    I also had a URealms dream that the guys were 4 Gnomes meeting at a Cemetery to go Trick or Treating, but I woke up as Roamin was introducing his character.
  • yea I had a dream
    rob forgot about gunter and unter, and I had to remind him who they were to stop him from remoiving from urealm, so I did a really cringey accent trying to act like them so I failed, then cried because I look like a fool in front of rob

    I don't know whats wrong with me I don't even like gunter and unter that much :smile: 
  • I know I had a URealms dream at some point, but I don't remember any of the details.
  • That hurt my head dude. @cpMetis
  • I lucid dream mostly, so I've had many Urealms related dreams
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