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Favorite episode of Unforgotten Realms~

The animated series will always have a place close to my heart and I'd love to know what your favorite episode or moment was in the series. I think mine was the episode where Roamin sold "lemonade" to people in order for Sir Schmoopy and company to get normal bodies back.


  • Yo dog, I heard yo and yo dog likes yo-yos, so I put yo dog on a yo-yo, so yo can go yo-yo yo dog while yo dog yo-yos dog. Yo?
    Ep 23, I will forever have that memorized
  • I really liked the lumberjack, Zeros! Unfortunately he was just an OOOOPIIIICAAAAALLL IIIIILLLUUUUSSSIIIOOONNN!!!!
  • Episode 24, "Oh so if you dont press the button the door opens."
  • "Unforgotten Ninja Turtles, Unforgotten Ninja Turtles, Unforgotten Ninja Turtles, Heroes in a full shell instead of a half!
    My name is Roamin, leader of team! I used to be a Paladin but now my skin is green!"

    Kicking Names And Taking Ass.

  • I liked that one with Timmy the nice guy.
  • I liked the one where the guys did that thing. And then they faught that thing. And then that thing happened
  • But really thoigh i liked porc hunters and Im sad Deadbones never made another flare fist character
  • Anything with Professor Walrus in it.
  • I like the one where Deligoth Nader explains the Nader Gems' actual purpose.
  • The one where Roamin acted as a freelance detective "that'll be 87.50"
  • The musical episode! Still gets stuck in my head. We're in mooooonwall paaaaaass
  • The special where Roamin and Gaary go to Wendy's.

    To this day, I will still insist that "THAT. IS NOT. A FROSTY!"
  • @brownhair798
    "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Don't be silly Professor Walrus!"
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    @snarkyslytherin @Xlane ; oops! stupid me lol! I think I like the first one of all of them, just for the memories! :)
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    So many good episodes, but probably have to pick the roamin and Jacque episode during season 2, if only for the music.
  • idk, i think the one where they all try to explain thor got the most laughs out of me, but the show is just so classic I dont think I can pick just one episode that will 100 percent be my favorite
  • Personally I love all of the very first 8 episodes of the original series. I liked the meta narrative of Mike and Rob talking more out of character, something that was lost in the reboot series. 
  • @SMS00 I felt like the reboot was good on that, but my favorite thing about that is that the rebooted version was that characters were aware about being both in a game, and in a web cartoon.
  • I like the one where sir Shmoopy said I cast flare
  • @ShadowPoow We're talking about the cartoon not the show.
  • Roamin's intro episode.
    R-O-A to the M-I-N
    He's a crime solvin' rank 11 Paladin
    to the R-O-A to the M-I-N
    He's a crime solvin' rank 11 Paladin

    "You pay him with... Blueberries?"
    "I have low self-esteem."
  • We're talking about the cartoon, not the campaigns :) @ShadowPoow
  • tbh the time Rob slept with a random guy in that tavern has always been vividly memorable for me. 

    19 + 4 that means I SCOOOOOOORE!  >:)
  • The one where they were underwater and got the sea dragon to fly into the wall.  Laughed so hard at that one.
  • Don't have a particular episode that is my all time favorite, but I absolutely lost it when Roamin and Gaary ride Ursa Arcadius to get on the ship.

    "Don't worry, I'll fire another rocket!"
  • Oh man I adored episode 19. I was such a glutton for lore and backstory. The episode had a completely different tone and I just loved it as a bit of exposition. 
  • @TimLC ; Same! it was a  nice change of pace having some things explained for once.
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