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Campaign Inspired Creative Writing

This is for people to write campaign inspired writing, so it's with the story at heart, but it's embellished. Here's one from the first part of the band of Thieves I worked on a while ago

The Job

          Four rogue’s sit at their camp site, they’re all short fellows, except the excited outcast in the corner. He is a dwarf, Dwarf Number Three, one of the gnomes would barely reach his shoulders and the other two are tiny keens. The fire is barely lit from the night before. The forest surrounds them with only a few paths before them, worn by the travelers of adventures past. Out of the shadows appears another keen. The air feels almost electric as he steps closer to the thieves. It is Nisovin, the great wizard, he has a task for them. One of the keens steps forward, the clear leader, “What has come to pass that summons me here, wizard?” Yumi asks.

          “Right down to it then, always a pleasure associating with you, my dear,” Nisovin retorts sarcastically. “Now if we could please cut the pleasantries, I do have other places to be.”

          “And I’m the coarse one, it must be so taxing to be the all great and powerful Nisovin that hasn’t lifted a finger in years.”

          “That was a nasty business indeed, would you lift a finger again if even your pinky was more powerful that the greatest wizard you know?”

          Yumi rolls her eyes, “Alright, let’s get down to business; I’d like to finish talking to you as soon as possible. What great artifact must I fetch this time?”

          “Yes, so I need a key …”

          “Well I have a few here, but I’d like to get paid first.”

          “Ah, but it’s a very special key. It’ll be orange as the sun with an emblem of a sun on it.”

          “Easy job is it?”

          “Always is isn’t it, that’s why you keep me around, because I give the easy jobs, not that I pay you well?”

          “Where would this key be, dare I ask?”

          “Well, there’s a town in a clearing around this forest, it’ll be somewhere in the town, possibly around a guard’s neck, in a pocket, et cetera. It’s the usual with small objects.”

          “There’s never anything usual about your requests Niso, you’re not fooling anyone.”

          “Don’t … don’t call me that, no one call me that, ever.”

          “Fine Niso. Now this forest it’s rather, how would I say it, it’s rather porcy. How can I reach this town?”

          “There is a path to the east there, it could work, but it’s not recommended. I would advise you to use the northern path, it’ll go through the forest for a bit, there’ll be a cave and … some other stuff. Nothing to worry about though. If you just keep to the path it’ll be just fine.”

          “Which northern path, there’s two? You’re always horrendously vague.”

          “They should both lead to the same place, settle down. They almost definitely go to the same place, probably, maybe … anyway, everything should be fine as long as you don’t do anything stupid.”

          “Yes, that should be nearly impossible with this merry crew of dimwits.”

          The other keen comes over, “What uh, what’re you talking about over here boss?”

          “Please, Squinks, this isn’t the time to —” Yumi attempts to say.

          The taller gnome approaches and blurts out “Yeah pal, what’s happening over here?”

          “Who is watching Dwarf Number Three!” Yumi demands.

          “He’ll be fine,” Squinks insists.

          “I’ll go ahead and leave you to it, Yumi,” Nisovin says as he starts to retreat back to the trees.

          Yumi fills the crew in on the mission, but an almost meaningless decision stands before them. “So which way do we go, boss?” Squinks asks.

          “Well, yes that’s the question, isn’t it?” Yumi responds, full of monotone.

          “What … uh … did that Nisovin character say anything?” Gracias asks.

          “I think he said to go east,” Yumi answers.

          “So we should go east then,” Gracias says.

          “No! Boss, we need to go north, that shifty wizard was trying to trick us into missing this northern cave, I bet it has nice things in it,” Squinks insists.

          “You know, I think he did say something about treasure,” Yumi agrees.

          “I think he actually said to head north, not east,” Dwarf Number Three interrupts, timidly.

          “Shut up, you stupid dwarf!” The other three say in tandem. “So yeah, we’ll go north,” Yumi assures.

          “Which way should we go?” Gracias asks.

          “Let’s just go to the left, I’m done talking,” Yumi says, exasperated. After a heated debate, they decide to follow the northern trail. The band of thieves sets out for their latest adventure. Yumi is ready to get this job over with. Squinks has always been Yumi’s second in command and is more than happy to do whatever he needs to do, to protect himself, it’s exactly the kind of attitude needed to survive long enough to lead a band of thieves. Dwarf Number Three, is excited to prove himself to the others on his first mission as the “first” dwarf in the gnome’s band of thieves. Most importantly though, Gracias is just sort of there.


  • Here's another piece I worked on of one of my favorite scenes so far. When Bopen gives the dreamweaver cane to DB's character, and anyone who is interested feel free to post your own :)
                                                            Bopen’s Gift

                Bopen’s cabin door creaks open, and the air gets instantly heavier. Bopen’s bones creak and his crown jangles on his skull as he creeps towards Are’Ani. His jaws scrape open, “Are’Ani, would you join me in my cabin … alone” the boys fall silent as she reluctantly follows him back through his door. She leaves the door open by a tiny crack, and Bopen turns around and slams the remaining centimeter closed. “Have a seat, won’t you, Are’Ani,” he pats the corner of the bed. She silently steps to the corner of the well-worn bed, extremely careful to sit in the exact spot he patted. “You are a, what do they say … gnome, yes?”

              She considers her response before mustering a squeaky “yes … sir, yes my captain.”

              “It matters not, you are special, beyond a mere race. You are … unique” she holds her breath, and then a loud gulp breaks the silence, but the tension stays, “you remind me of … myself.”

              “Is that … uh … that so?” she forces out of herself as she gathers her spilled words off the floor.

              “Yes, I know of your great power, your ability to … control people. Your power to hold their fate in the palm of your hand with a death grip on their free will,” he says menacingly, cracking a mischievous smile, “you do possess this skill, don’t you?”

              She is found out, exposed to the Skeleton King, “yes, you are rather scary, there would be little gain in lying to you, my captain.”

              “Yes, that I also know. I have a proposition for you.”

              “A proposition, sir?”

              “Yes,” he scoots back on the bed and rests his back on the backboard, “mind control me.”

              “You want me to mind control you?”

              “At least give it an attempt, yes.”

              She picks up on his arrogance, the subtle challenge, she knows that she must turn up the charm, “Yes, Bopen I will … see what I can do,” she says seductively lightly pushing his ribcage back onto the backboard. His smoky purple aura poofs around at the slightest touch. She is a little short, so she spreads her legs and walks on her knees up his legs. She caresses his head with both hands, stares into his eyes, and meditates into his mind and soul. Nothing. She is alone, standing in the black with the smoky aura swirling around her, then she is engulfed and it seeps into her veins. She feels momentarily empty herself. When she finds her senses, she looks at Bopen, to reassure herself that he does exist.

              He starts to show what he knows, “tell me about your visions,” Are’Ani pauses, “we have a connection, and I’m your captain now. Tell me.”

              “I’ve had … dreams, vivid dreams, but dreams nonetheless.”

              “You see more than the now, you see things that have passed … and the world ahead. These are not dreams.”

              “Perhaps, but perhaps not.”

              “You will remain loyal to me, for this I give thanks … and a gift,” Bopen hands Are’Ani an antique box, long and thin. Are’Ani opens her mouth to speak, puzzled, but Bopen puts his hand up and explains, “this is the cane of one of the most powerful dreamweavers ever to grace the realm, it will amplify your abilities to see … beyond,” She senses that there is a catch, “all I ask, is that anything you see involving me, or my crew, you pass the message on promptly.”

              Shakily, she grabs the cane, and as her fingers brush the cane, she feels it’s power fill her. She grasps it firmly, confidently, “yes, Bopen, it will be done,” he gestures her to the door, so she leaves. As she closes the door she hears a terrifying, low rumble … the ancient ageless’ cackle. She closes the door questioning her judgement, and pushes herself as far away from the door as she can.

  • This is the follow up to "The Job" from Yumi's Band of Thieves, this is my version of when the party first talks to the Kobolds.

    The Cave 

              After a long and silent walk through the forest, the band makes their way to a small clearing with a well-lit cave entrance. Three Kobolds stand at the entrance to the cave. There’s a badass Kobold in the corner, the top half of his face is engulfed in shadows, as he leans on the walls of the caves, his eyes shine in the dark, and he turns to look directly at the Gnomes and then glares at the dwarf. He quits leaning and walks towards the crew, cooler than cool. As he walks out from the shadows, the light reveals his eyepatch. He has a gruff voice, “Kobold!” he says.

              After a few seconds of confusion, Yumi thinks that she’s got it down, “Gnome!”

              A smile breaks on the Kobolds face, “Kobold. Kobold kobold, kobold kobold kobold kobold.”

              “Gnome gnome, gnome gnome”

              “The intense exchange begins as the Kobold says, “Kobold kobold kobold kobold.”

              Yumi is back to square one, “Does anyone know what’s going on here, does anyone speak Kobold?”

              The Kobold takes a step closer, “Kobo-kobo-kobo-kobold!”

              In a bid of desperation, Yumi (says high-pitched), “Gnoooome!”

              The Kobold gives the gnome a kind hug, engulfing Yumi, that she, with reservation, returns, though leaning away from him. After a second too long of the overly-friendly hug, Yumi gives the Kobold a light tap on the butt.     

              “I actually speak other languages you know” The kobold says in common tongue, clear as day.

              “Really? What was up with the whole … ‘Kobold’ thing?” Yumi asks.

              “Well, it’s just a kobold thing. I’m just really happy that someone didn’t just come up speaking their fancy languages, but actually tried to communicate with someone of another culture, on their level. I really appreciate it.”

              “Well, you’re welcome.”

              The Kobold turns to the other two, “hey guys, this gnome’s pretty cool, I’m almost considering letting him pass.”

              The other Kobolds were smiling, until he mentioned letting Yumi pass. They begun shaking their heads unapprovingly.

              “So, I the other guys don’t want you to pass,” the Kobold says.

              “Well why … why not, we just want to go through?” Yumi asks.

              “Yeah that’s not happening, it’s just that it’s our cave, we were here first, and I don’t want you stealing any of my gems. They’re my gems, I fought for them, they’re mine, my own, my … precious. And I lost an eye for them.”

              “Well it’s a nice-lookin’ eye patch, I’ll tell you that. I think you really pull it off. Not just anyone can wear an eyepatch like that,” Yumi says confidently.

              “Thanks … I guess. I mean I don’t have an eye, and you’re just complimenting my no-eye.”

              Yumi confidence melts, “no, no … I’m complimenting your nice eyepatch.”

              Seeing the deal go sour, Squinks has an idea, “look through your pockets,” he says leaning over to Dwarf Number Three.

              “Why?” he asks.

              “Just do it, dumb dwarf!”

              Dwarf Number Three rummages through his pockets and pulls out dead air, recalling that earlier, Squinks and Yumi relieved him of everything in his pockets.

              Yumi turns to Squinks, but he just shakes his head and shrugs. Trying to recover from her social blunder, Yumi says, “Listen I know you’re sensitive about the whole eye topic thing, but we have someone with no eyes,” she motions to Gracias and he approaches.

              The Kobold stares blankly at Yumi and Gracias, “No, he has two eyes, right there, behind those goggles.”

              “No I don’t,” Gracias says.

              “Well if you don’t, then take ‘em off and show me!”

              “No, I can’t take them off, because I have no eyes.”

              “Come here, let me take them off,” the Kobold takes a step towards an evading Gracias.

              “Nope,” Gracias says darting back and forth.

              The Kobold concedes the chase, “listen, like I said, you all seem like good folks, but you can’t come through our cave, no one comes through this cave, this cave is just for us. So, I’m going to need you all to just back on up, go ahead, back up,” the Kobold uses his body as a wall to push the gnomes away from the cave entrance.

              “Wait wait wait, wait, wait” Yumi says.

              “We can offer you things,” Squinks says, “Shiny things.”

              The Kobold stops dead in his tracks to think, but remains skeptical.

              “Very shiny things,” Squinks says.

              The Kobold puts his hand on his chin, contemplating the possibilities of very shiny things, “Well what do you, what do you have to offer?”

              “Well we have –” Squinks is cut off.

              “Wait, I don’t handle the deals, let me go get the boss.”

              While the Kobold walks away, Squinks comes clean, “guys, I don’t know what we have to offer.”

             Dwarf Number Three joins the huddle, “hey guys.”

             “Hey!” Squinks shouts, “Dwarf, get back, get outta ‘ere.”

             Yumi snaps her fingers, pointing to the water.

             “Keep an eye on the water,” Gracias commands.

             “How many times do I have to say it,” Yumi says, “tie him to a tree when you leave him alone.”

             “Yeah,” Gracias joins.

             “We’re talkin’ to yous,” Squinks says.

            “You were the last to see him,” Yumi says.

            “Oh, sorry,” Gracias says, “I’ll do it next time.”

    I would love to see some other peoples version of what went down! What they cut, what they added in, etc.
  • This is pretty cool, I like it  :smile: 
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