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Urealms Build in minecraft: Update Log [Back to hiatus] (Version 2 Out)

edited October 2019 in Fan Art and Creations
I am back to school, next big updates you will see will probably be around the Winter Holiday time. I hope you all enjoy what is built so far!!! (I will continue this project despite the hiatus of UrealmsLive, it will give me a chance to catch up)

  Scroll through the discussion to see more photos of the maps!! Thx for all the support!!

Old Overhead Photo (I know the ship is bad. it is the worst part I can't build ships for the life of me)

Sunsword Village ( I worked on this along time ago so it is very simple and missing some details, i am working on fixing them now)

Goblin Bridge, Whisper Snake Lake, and Porc Cave entrance

Dingo Isles' Temple

Dingo Isles 

Pattenbarrow's Mountain Home

Pattenbarrow's Mountain Home Inside

Dingo Isles' Temple Interior

Sunsword Ogre Bridge

Omally's Pit

Karazzim Shrine

Silvermine Mountain Entrance

Murder Bros' Train

Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Part 1

There are some small details and placement of things that I had to change because of mine craft or bad size judgement on my part and there is more I have built in the maps these were just some of the better and more memorable spots, but other wise while simple i have been enjoying build things and will continue to build them. Also expect me to go back and improve maps i have already built as my build skill get better.

Keep scrolling to see more maps!!


  • Man these look awesome!
  • These are great! helps visualize how the story goes in a more 3d form!
    Fantastic work
  • Just how much time did that take...
  • @OlympianHeros depending on the map, Many Gobos Of Pat i build in about an hour or two. while I am about to stat day two of building The Sunswords map.
  • This is pretty good looking stuff dude keep up the work
  • This looks AWESOME. Keep it up!
  • Niiiice.
  • These look so cool! Any chance it'll be available to download someday?
  • It would be cool to play urealms both on tabletop simulator and minecraft at the same time!
  • @erock1118 This looks amazing and I think a URealms MMO RPG would be the dream for me and this makes it closer to my dream seeing it in a full 3D model
  • @Drapperbat I am gonna send out the map as i finish each season, so when i first release it, it will be just season one.
  • Just Finished up The Sunswords Here's a Look:

    Ytt Ravine

    Sandstone Cave

    Sliver Mine MT. Entrance and Ogre Bridge
  • I really like this! Imagine a Urealms campaign in minecraft!
  • Very nice, you're a very good builder. I, a random internet person, am impressed by you, also a random internet person.
  • I actually worked on a DvZ map of the Sunswords and Silvermine, where the first shrine is after the Ytt Cave and the final shrine is the library where the Book of Bones was. I got pretty far in it but it was bad timing on my part because of Rob's decision to stray away from Minecraft (Which I agree with, but I really should've started the map much sooner)
  • What is the scale of tiles to blocks?
  • @Tamwin5 the scale is just what looks good for both minecraft and the original 2D board

    @FullPrice That was Kormac exaggerating because he was upset, he only has 25 year fires ;)
  • This is really good! Do you use a program for your terraforming?
  • Feel like this topic deserves to get gilded. These look great!
  • @JSeaxe I hand build everything in all my worlds mostly because i have no clue on how to get mods and that type of stuff to work in minecraft.
  • @erock1118 ; That just makes it even more impressive! Good job, dude
  • holy cow this is impressive!
  • Quick look at the up and coming Unseen Rouges Build

  • edited June 2017
    Here we have it The Unseen Rouges!!!

    Over Head Shot

    Omally's Pit

    Back "entrance"

    Mona's house

    Up next Kobald Head Hunters
  • These are so cool! Can't wait to just run around in these maps, even if I never end up playing a game in them.  :)
  • Good Job dude. Better than I would ever do cause I have no patiences! Wish I could play on these maps urealms style lol. Great job and keep up the good work.  :D
  • I would like to se a server official or not that the community to work on to make a urealms world just like you are doing that we could role play urealms style in
  • I Am SO Down to help, i very good at building and i love realms, if your in msg me!

  • Hey I'm back and here's a quick look at the up and coming Kobald Head Hunter Map!
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