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Show off your pet!

Or pets! Or any animals you have that you don't see as a pet! I'm not picky

Here's my doggo to start out with!! :3


  • my two dogs, Lily on the left and Ruby on the right
  • @Nemman OMG your dogs are so cute!  those puppy eyes though! My heart is melting  :3
  • yeah, they're great dogs, Lilly is 6 and Ruby is only 1, and I try to love them both equally. do you have any pets @TigerSpirit ?
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    This is my pet, it's a Canada Goose. It can be hostile but it's my best friend. HONK
    Technically it's not really my pet but i see it all the time and i can tell which one is it.
    I gave it the name Magikarp after me because i'm lazy with names.
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    My mop of a dog, Gummybear (the name is a long story)
  • This is my pet, his name is Perry and he is a Pyjak, also known as a space monkey.
  • His name is Casstell, and my sister had him as a kitten, then we had him when she moved to Texas.
  • Ignoring the ugly floor, this is the only picture I could take of her  :|
    Her name is Wendy (I didn't name her, sister did) and she is an crotchety old cat. I love her very much. 
  • My Guy Biscuit, he is around 15-16 years old.

  • your cats are cute  :)
  • My two cats Saber and Sparrow
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    My boys Sissel (tabby) and Booker (blonde). Sissel turns 5 in three days! Book will be 4 in July.
  • This is my maltese puppy Luna, she is 5 months old 
  • @Meganzoor omg the tiny bed my heart is melted too cute
  • I love all these kitties!!! And puppies!! And angry geese and space monkey alien things!! :drunk: 
    And I'm being 100% honest I love all the responses this has gotten :D thank you!!
  • Maybe this is cheating, but this is my Bernese Mountain Dog Indy, who we had to put down in December due to cancer. 

  • Here's Boo. My beautiful mustached lady (and Misha in the bottom cut off). :3
  • My two now deceased dogs. Twas good times.

  • here's my good boy
  • @ulthax it's definitely not cheating! I'm really sorry to hear about that, they're a beautiful dog and I'm sure they lived a happy life with you no matter how long it was :kawaii: 

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    My kitties Loki and Charlie Murphy :3
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    He is a little cry baby
  • my boys!
    a very old picture though, around 3 years ago, I'll have to get an updated picture later.
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    Old blind doggo!

    um I can't figure out how to send pictures lol
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    My good sleepy doggo!
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    My lil dogger! He's already 11 but still loves to receive pets and schmako's. :3

  • This is Binky my little bunny. She lives indoors since I moved out and her favourite places are behind the sofa and by the kitchen door when it is open. 

  • His name is Nandorre, got abused by his previous owners and when they split up neither of them wanted to keep him so we embraced him and showered him with our love, he is a happy dog now. 
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    @Nemman I do have pets!   I use to have a bunny but she passed recently... I do currently have an almost 2yr old kitten.   Her name is Sasquatch, but we call her Sassy.   She is infact quite sassy > . >
    (I am not sure how to post photos... I am new... But heres the link too )
  • These are my kitties Kona and Leo! Or it could be the other way around I guess, sometimes it's really hard to tell. :o

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