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A Player Tracker Tool Built For s3

press C for a full list of controls

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • That is really cool. I can't wait to use it with a few friends for our campaign!
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    @JakeLad_The_Bard ; thanks for using it!
  • An much more less clustered way of dealing with tokens ingame or using counters!
    I love it, can't wait to use it!
  • Ah this works Great, Really looking forward to using this  :D
  • Is there a way to reset stamina after the encounter?

    Thanks :smile: 
  • wait what is this?
  • @polutropos You can press 's' to set the maximum stamina at the beginning of the campaign and middle click on the stamina to full heal.
  • A minor bug I've run into and don't think it NEEDs fixing but thought it should be mentioned. If you shift click one of the values then shift click the other, when you go back to the first value you clicked it believes you are still holding down shift even though you have let go. So for example, I shift right click gold then shift right click stamina, when I go back to right clicking the gold normally it is increased by 50 instead of 10. Performing an action that modifies the amount changed will fix the problem.

    A way to fix this problem, instead of having the values changed by holding down a button have it so that Stamina and Gold each have 3 buttons. Only 1 of the 3 can be selected at once and this determines the amount the values change. I don't know anything about coding so I have no idea how difficult this is, but hope I helped.
  • This is such a neat tool! Thanks for sharing :)
  • @Frozendra  thanks for the very detailed bug report​. I'll be fixing that soon
  • @Coconut thanks for using it!
  • This is amazing, been wanting to find an easy way of keeping track how much gold, actions & stamina, my friends have, as when the mod is released I'm gonna be GMing a campaign. You have made my job 10x easier  :)
  • @CaptainThorn I'm glad I could help!
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    New Update! The limited system changed a bit.

    • Removed anytime gems, as they no longer exist in S3
    • Added limited gems
    • Limited gems are tied to a card, which can be viewed by hovering over a limited gem
    • Middle click on a limited gem to add a new one
    View the new changes at
    • @Saxten2011 there are still anytime actions though. The gem not existing means that anything can be used as an anytime. Players still get 3 per combat (or 4 if they get special cards)
    • It's a pretty cool system to use for Urealms
    • @Dolfinmaster ;
      Huh. I had no idea. That can be re-implemented then
    • oh I get it now, this is nice and simple 
    • @Dolfinmaster ;
      Added anytimes back. will be available in next patch
    • New Update! The anytime system changed slightly


      • Anytimes apparently are for an entire campaign, as opposed to a combat encounter, and some abilities allow for restoration of one anytime ability
      • As such, press A to restore an anytime ability for a player
      • Hold shift and press A to restore all of the anytimes for a player.
    • Here's a quick request: an undo function? I didn't see one in the controls.
    • @mezzoemrys ;
      It wouldn't be quick to implement, but I really like that idea, and I'll definitely be working towards it
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      @Saxten2011 actually anytimes are still limited per combat not campaign just like at the end of season 2. The difference is there are no longer actions that require anytimes because anything can be used as an anytime. For example I could run away as an anytime or cast arcane missiles. So basically how you had the anytimes before was fine(although there are certain cards that allow you to have 4).

      QUICK EDIT: I forgot to mention I noticed that adding a player with a space or other special character in their name(? for example) prevents you from clicking on the gold and stamina total to change them.
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      New Update!
      @thepaperpilot  contributed some changes which have been integrated!
      • Various UI improvements
      • Added controls modal, which can be accessed by pressing c
      • Re-Designed adding new players. A new modal is avaliable by pressing 
      Thanks Paper Pilot!

    • edited May 2017
      @Saxten2011 Good to see another programmer about the forums, Im impressed with the project thus far!
      Im gonna take a good look at your source tonight after work, and Im happy to help contribute for bug fixes if you are interested. :)

      After a quick glance though, you need to handle both cancel presses in the MAX Stamina and Gold popups as well as empty settings for them as this is producing nulls right now, and as exciting as having gold equal to NaNg, it isn't very helpful, haha.
    • More Update Fun!

      • Added a new, shiny context menu, viewable by clicking a players name.
      View the new changes at
    • Now this is some good shit here. I'll definitely use this and make sure other people know about this when campaign time comes around. Few things I want to ask, or possibly suggestions for the future of this player tracker:
      -can I permanently remove more things like Anytime, Limited, and Player?
      -can I save all this stuff in case some stuff happens, I want to provide the info to other players, or I want it fully ready for next time?
      -oh man it would be pretty amazing if multiple people could see it at the same time huh?

      I forgot the other questions but this tracker is definitely something most GMs can't go without now that we've got it here. It's gotta be Gilded one day.
    • edited May 2017
      Currently it is a static site, meaning it can't do anything server-side except, well, serve the web page. That means it's impossible to make it so multiple people could see it at the same time. What is possible is making it so that as you edit stuff it changes some data in the url, so you can share the url with people and they'll be able to see whatever info was in the link you sent them. It'd also protect against accidentally refreshing and losing all your progress. I'll work on adding that.

      Your first point is trivial to implement, and I should have a commit for that really soon. :drunk:

      Edit: Thinking about it some more, I don't think I can do the URL trick because a lot of things in here use strings, so the URLs would get reaaaaaally long really fast. I'm gonna hold off on that idea for now, but I get the desire to share your tracker data with others and will do what I can sometime in the future. (Unless @Saxten2011 has an idea of how to do this, in which case you're in luck!)
    • I can think of a less than ideal way to do it, but still very possible. I'll investigate a way to implement this.

      As for saving characters, that's very easy, and I'm working on that right now
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