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Favorite Light Novels?

Does anyone here read light novels? Or read mangas or something. I am currently reading Overlord, and I am loving it! Recemmend it to a lot of people, and I hope you enjoy! Or just read like a random light novel or something.


  • I love light novels and shit.
    If you haven't read them yet, I suggest reading some of Yu Wo's books. Prince Revolution is a site basically devoted to her work and it is all hilarious and great.

  • Currently reading Berserk
  • The only manga i read is Attack on Titan, for the rest do i just watch anime.
  • I read a lot of light novels I would recommend Rokka: braves of the six flowers just as really solid mystery novel, the first one came out on yen press and there was an anime of it that was pretty good.
  • My favorite light novel of all time is Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.
    But the translation caught up with the original after 48 volumes, so now
    it's just torturing me while i wait for new releases.
  • In terms of light novels, I'm reading Sword Art Online: Progressive (SAO taking place entirely in Aincrad) and will be reading Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash when it comes out in English. As for manga, currently on volume 12 of BTOOOM! and it is fantastic for those into more realistic and darker settings.
  • I read a shit ton of LN's and manga. Reading Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, RELife, and My Hero Academia
  • I don't read light novels, but I read a number of manga. One piece, Promised Neverland, Jagaaan, One Punch Man, Advancing/Assault Titan, A Trail of Blood, Monster Musume, Re:Monster, and The Gamer. 

    I'd  seriously recommend One Piece, and Promised Neverland if you haven't read them. Promised Neverland is relatively new, but it's already shown that there can be new manga that is seriously good. I don't doubt that it will get an anime one day. It's a pretty intelligent manga too if you like Death Note and that kind of stuff. A little dark too considering it's in Shounen Jump. But it's not so dark that it's off-putting. 
  • @Fyaffu Wow, they got to 48 volumes?
     I remember stopping for a year after japtem stopped doing translations for it, and then realising that I couldn't be stuffed trying to catch up.
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