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Thank You URealms Team!

All of you are awesome, intelligent, creative, and entertaining! Super thanks to Rob for making my early visits to NG way back so worth while! I understand the effort, time, and mental exhaustion this work puts on you. I remember you taking months to work on those good ole animations (first generation of the series is still my favorite :) ). And yet, you never let this IP just die. It may have been zombified and left in the air a couple times, but you intended to come back to it and made it even better each time!

Props to Nisovin the fellow Wizard! IT is a stressful, yet extremely rewarding industry. Most times, your super hard work goes unnoticed and you get blamed whenever something goes wrong. Thank you for being awesome and developing this platform!

@ Art Team - keep doing what you love and stay creative! If Rob challenges your ideas or interpretations, talk about it and potentially spawn new ideas :)

@ Fans - Old and new, we are here because we love what Rob and his companions have made. His friends are really funny and entertaining, and put on a great show for us. Let's stick together, united as a family, and nurture this amazing Service (provided to us for Free!!!)

Cheers to many more years!


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