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The URealms F.A.Q.

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Phineas Barringster 

"What's a F.A.Q. Professor? Is this where you been keeping all the dark magic hidden?"

     Nader Leomaris 

"No.. no.. no.. Phineas. This is a place where the questions about our world can be asked. Things like how far fireballs can be thrown and what very interesting things might happen when Magician pulls out a pyroblast spell  from their magical hats but aren't skilled fire mages!"

Phineas Barringster

"Interesting things? Gee what does happen professor?"

Nader Leomaris
"Why they blow themselves up of course Phineas."

Phineas Barringster

". . ."


  • Rob
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    Hey guys welcome to the URealms FAQ!
    This is a place I use to answer questions related to the URealms digital card game. These questions can be about the core rules of the game or about how I would interpret a card. If you would like to ask a question please use this forum over here, but keep in mind that these questions are answered in my free time and I generally try to answer common or unique questions about the rules of URealms
    Q: What is URealms?
    Urealms a digital roleplaying game game created by Robert Moran. It has always been built as a custom platform for the URealms Live show, but has now grown into being a free public roleplaying platformer. The reason we call it a digital roleplaying game into of a tabletop roleplaying game is that URealms is being developed and designed with the idea that it may one day be it's own standalone product and incorporate more online aspects that you couldn't do as well on the tabletop. For example, our Season 3 build of URealms had over 2000 cards and dozens of random card decks. In order to do this in real life, you would have to prints an overwhelming amount of cards or still use some online resource for the random aspects.

    Q: Where and how can I play?
    Currently URealms is best suited for Tabletop Simulator and you can download the mod for it here (Link to be added when released). While the mod and all our resources are free, Tabletop Simulator is not. Please note that we are not sponsored by Tabletop Simulator in anyway, it has simply been a fantastic and open platform for us to develop our game in. One of the reasons we would like to build our own platform in the future is so that we can truly offer the entire experience without cost to the user.

    Q: What is URealms Live?
    URealms Live is our live show and the bread and butter of this website. URealms Live is a live streamed webshow that uses the URealms digital roleplaying game as it's platform for improvised comedy and storytelling. Each show, called a campaign, generally lasts anywhere from 5 to 8 hours and then is put onto our youtube channel shortly after. If your just joining this community, you may want to watch a few campaigns here or start getting caught up by watching our recap videos called Unforgotten Tales which we just started producing this year. (Link to be added when released)

    Q: Why is this free?
    It's a marketing strategy. I have personally been making a living online for the last 10 years doing niche shows and games. Over these years, I have built a big enough fan base to allow me to focus making cool projects and that has lead us to everything here. These fans over the years have financially supported me through a variety of means that has allowed me to work on cool stuff full time and share it with whoever might be interested. If this game or even the show cost money, it would just mean that for the people who can't pay that price, they miss out on something they might love. 

    I would rather give you all my videos and games for free if I can and then if you value that you might tip the show or buy a shirt or poster. Perhaps this project could make a lot more money if we tried selling it, but my gut tells me this is a solid plan. If in the future I turn into a giant corporate elite, be sure to quote this at me all the time. It will bother future me a lot.

    I would like to see if I can grow this show naturally to incorporate more fans as that will drive up the sales of things like our merchandise and that will open up new avenues for me to invest in bigger art and animations budgets, but for now my plan is to keep the game and show free.
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