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Anyone Watch wrestling (WWe)

I feel like there was some evidence that Deadbones watches wrestling, like he's referenced heel turns, or Justin and he had made custom wrestlers on tuesday talk stuff. Wanted to see if there was anyone else that watches WWE and the show.

Anyone have thoughts on the upcoming backlash or want to make a predictions thread?


  • Coe, Deadbones, and Justin used to do livestreams of WWE 2k15 (2k14? I don't know) where they'd replicated URLive characters.

    I've only recently gotten into it due primarily to Wrestling Isn't Wrestling which is incredible.

    I highly recommend Lucha Underground, which is available on Netflix. It's like WWE except they go more balls-to-the-wall with the weirdness level (and, in my opinion, the actual fights are much better choreographed).
  • I gotta jump in and recommend Tiger Mask W on crunchyroll. It's basically wrestling if all the plot lines were real.
  • Loved Wrestling isn't Wrestling, I like LU but still haven't finished it Chro are you hyped for Glow from Netflix?
    Thanks for the suggestion I Haven't heard of Tiger Mask W but used to love ultimate M.U.S.C.L.E. as a kid.

    Have you guys all watched the entire Broken Hardy's Saga, I personally like the less real, like Undertaker.

  • May I please be a bit wordy? 

    TL:DR-- yes...yes I do.

    So a friend of mine about a yearish ago asked me about the rasslin. We went into discussions about when we used to watch and who, (for me it was back when WCW was still a thing, and truth be told, I did watch more wcw than wwf) and then came the question of  "hey, want to watch this match with me?"  

    I've been keeping up with most of the things ever since, and in fact, a lot of my wrestling viewing has expanded. So not only am i watching wwe/nxt but now lucha underground, njpw, and just a whisper of indies such as icw, wcpw, and even a bit of ddt. 

    I just found out earlier that Hirozu Tanahashi has an injury. Thats a shame, he's one of my faves in njpw. 

    I should probably shut up now. 
  • Yep, WWE and WCPW. Personally think Bray Wyatt is one of the best guys on the mic but damn he needs to change it up abit.
  • yeah the WCPW(chat culture) guys are pretty fun and the Mark Remark both great shows.

    I was so upset with how they did Royal rumble and Wyatt this year. I wish they would have done Wyatt and Orton double teaming Reigns then have Orton just leave the ring because he was still "under the spell"  of Wyatt. They could still have all the same matches after that..

    Don't know how to feel about NXT recently but we will see if takeover and backlash end up being good. I really hope the Fashon Police win the tag belts. Also I want to see AJ beat KO.
  • @olesideburns Yeah that Rumble was a thing that happened. I kinda like a few of the conspiracy theories I've heard, like how Reigns number was so we would be okay with Orton winning.

    I agree with you about Wyatt. There for a brief moment, it looked like they were going to actually do something, and then nope. He's back to losing. A shame really. Its hard to take his...cult ramblings even a tiny bit seriously if he always fails. 

    I think they may have called up a few people a little too quickly from NXT, Nakamura comes to mind as well as the Revival, but here's hoping that Takeover/Backlash will be alright. 

  • I follow what's happening with WWE but haven't been watching it lately, partly because NBA playoffs and being busy and partly because I just need a break from so much wrestling watching after Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania season. 

    I'm looking forward to this Women's tournament later in the year though, that'll be fun and getting to see Kairi Hojo in it, I reckon she has all the tools to make a pretty big splash right away. Although I did see a rumour that WWE asked her to come up with a new finisher other than the elbow drop because Bayley does an elbow drop. That's messed up because Kairi has arguably the best elbow drop ever. Wait and see though. I'm also really looking forward to the women's tournament because it means potentially more women who are top tier regardless of gender, in the WWE and I think that will prompt fans to demand more women's wrestling which I would love to see. 

    I also love LU but it's difficult to watch here in Australia, I've seen all of season 1 and a few episodes of season 2 so far. Cero Miedo!
  • @ThatSyncingFeel yeah I would love to see some of the other ladies get a shot, I love Summer Rae but she's either hurt or just getting overlooked. She's such a great heel in the ring, She does great taunts like KO or Jericho. Also I almost wish that Rosemary from Impact would move over. She's the female Bray Wyatt/UT that is actually booked pretty strong.

    I felt the same way Leading up to WM was great then there was a big slow down in the momentum. The Turn on Jericho by KO was great but then things kinda feel flat. Hoping things start to turn around more.

    I've been playing that mobile game WWE champions a lot lately so not sure if I've just gotten to wrestling overload.
  • @olesideburns My favourite wrestler (male or female) in the WWE is Asuka, I love watching her just murder people. I got to see her live when NXT came to Australia, I loved that. Rosemary would be a great addition. I think getting a big group of talented women is the way WWE wants to go, it's a good look for the brand promoting more women and then they probably think that would also grab the attention of more girls. Watching some of the women in the WWE over the years, it was just such low quality wrestling to watch, like some of them couldn't even run the ropes that smoothly. So it's great to get to watch the quality get better and better. Just need some better stories for them now.
  • Just finished watching NXT Takeover: Chicago. I think that ending broke my heart in two. ;_;
  • Yeah occasionally. Has been fun to catch up on every couple years. Really enjoying the latest crop of guys.
  • @The_Pez i *just* finished. that was a surprise as well. There were some pretty good ladder spots, but it did seem such a weird way to end that show on. 

    As for womens wrestling, i don't know. Sure it would be good to get some new faces in, but I don't trust wwe with booking them properly. 
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