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Discord - Is there such thing for us?

So I was looking around and didn't find the answer to the following question: "Does URLive fun base Discord channel exist?" If anyone knows, let others know!


  • If there is, it is not official in any way. 
  • I don't know of any that aren't private at least. 
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    Ive asked rawb if there is I have permission to make one, but no awnser so i went and made one, but if rawb wants it down ill take it down

    And anyone is free to join, we will orgazine games, and no roles, everyone here is Equals! :)

  • As of right now, there's a few unofficial servers floating around, but nothing official, and I have a feeling Rob isn't planning on changing that, since having to mod a Discord server would just be more unnecessary work for him and it serves a very similar focus to these forums.

    Personally, I plan on using a Discord server to DM games once the official mod is released, and will post something at that time.
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