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Linoleum Realms / A Urealms Overhaul

Hello, everyone I have been creating a sort of overhaul for Urealms for the last 2 years or so. I made this by taking what I liked in the past season and putting it all together into one new experience that still has the classic Urealms feel. This is a pretty large mod, many cards were either created or recreated making it a bit over 4000 cards total that have been looked at or altered in some way. This version of Urealms has some special rules, and a unique Character Creation, that has all been outlined within the mod itself. While the Character Creation is different I'm sure most people can figure it out, I have also added Rules Cards to assist and a little guide in the notes section on how to run a Character Creation, of course if there are any issues just message here I'll be checking back to assist anyone anyway I can. I created this with the help and motivation from many of my friends that I want to give a solid amount of credit to. 

 @JikleePrime Jiklee is responsible for so much as she was my idea person I constantly shot random thoughts to her and together we made something really fun! She is also the main person who made almost every new Companion and she easily made lots of the Classes Basic Ideas!

 @Chrof Chrof has been great for helping me balance certain aspects of my game as he was someone who was never scared to share his opinion. He is the original idea man of the Cultist Class

 @Geekypack Geeky is one of the first people who came together to make this mod with me and Jiklee, he helped us make up some basic plans for the mod and really got  started helping us name the insane amount of cards. He was also helpful in making some of the first classes we added.

 @Ron_Fairham Ron or as I know him Zen was the first GM for Urealms and he got me into the whole idea of GMing and in the end making this mod. He was good as a consultant on some of my more risky ideas for the mod.

 @H0tpixel H0t always gave really creative ideas and had a lot of positivity in the whole project him being part of it really kept me and Jiklee motivated while going through endless card creating.

 @thekingofapples Apple is a big reason why I had to make sure my cards were balanced as he was really good at finding the flaws and making me pay for it. He is why I feel the mod is much more balanced and easier for a GM to handle with Players.

Btw I know there are a bunch of typos in the making of these cards I am honestly a bit too lazy to fix it but hopefully most are just minor and not a large inconvenience. 



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