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GloryRealms Lore Diary #1: Map Making and a Vision for the Future

Welcome to the first Lore Diary for GloryRealms!

My name is Cosmic Caracalla, and I've been in the URealms community for over what feels like at least six years now. In 2020, I embarked on an ambitious journey to become a game master and host URealms games in my own setting. It's been almost four years since then, and after multiple half-year-long hiatuses, I have finally finished the first season of the GloryRealms. I am very excited to start making campaigns again, and despite a few delays, I'm making good progress on the pilot of the second season. This has given me time to create a series of lore "diaries" that will go over the most important lore of the GloryRealms in great detail. Each diary will focus on one specific aspect of the GloryRealms world in as much detail as possible.

To avoid causing confusion to the reader, parts of the lore that will be addressed in future Lore Diaries will be italicized. Other relevant details that I feel should be noted but can not find room to add will be put as footnotes at the bottom of a section and an asterisk will be added to the end of a sentence.*

I mostly plan on using this to address parts of the lore that have dubious canonicity

With the guidelines laid out, we can move on to a brief overview of the realm and the 4 regions that make up the "Known World"

"Every time we make a landing on an unknown island, the world gets a little bigger, and the Realm's Edge gets a little bit closer." - Christophos Christos "the Pathfinder"

"It's exciting really, to think that we're in waters that even Christophos wasn't able to reach. From here on out we forge our own destiny!" - Pirate Admiral Samuel "Blackbeard" Terremo, upon departing from Aterrizaje

Approximately 3 weeks ago I sat down and began to draw what would eventually become the map of GloryRealms on a napkin. Unfortunately, I'm neither a cartographer nor an artist so my map ended up like this. However, it does allow me to easily change this map, so I'll be using it for the duration of these lore diaries.

Areas with borders that have not been filled out yet mean that this is a nation or state that does not have any lore written on it as of me writing this. A question mark notes that this is an area that is not explored yet and has little if any lore.

The world can be divided into four different "continents" if you will. The New World, the Old World, the Southern Realm, and the Untamed Wasteland.

The New World is the most recently discovered continent, containing a large variety of ecosystems from ashen wastelands in the north to dense jungles in the south. Many ambitious explorers have attempted to reach the end of the New World, but none have succeeded so far.

The Old World has been forged in war time and time again as the Great Powers seek to unite the continent under their banner. While the remaining gods made a pact to not interfere in the affairs of the mortals following the Second Realm War, this treaty is being ignored more and more, especially by the newer gods who were not present during the Second Realm War.

The Southern Realm has had little contact with the Old World since the First Realm War, and has usually stayed on the sidelines of world politics. As the Old World continues to send explorers around the world, communication with this region has increased and information about the people living here has just begun to reach the mainland.

The Untamed Wasteland is a general term referring to the area east of the Dwarven Kingdom. This area is primarily inhabited by nomads and adventurer bands. Almost nothing about the Untamed Wastes is known besides the fact that the Jalican Hordes invaded the Zarenian Empire from these lands, setting into motion the series of events that would result in it the once mighty nation becoming a rump state.

That's it for today! I know that the actual lore segment was short but this diary's purpose is to serve as an introduction to the various regions that will be covered in depth at a later time. I will be covering everything about the Elves in the next Lore Diary!

Until next time!
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