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MasterDJV's Season 3 "CLASSic" Expansion Vol. 3 (49 Classes, 11 Races, +more)

Hello, I'm back with my third volume of my Season 3 expansion! This expansions focuses primarily on adding additional classes to the game that feel similar to play as those in the base game as well as matching their power level. Workshop link is at the bottom for those who just want to get the cards, but for the rest lemme answer a few questions:

"Why season 3?"- The Urealms PvP Server that I run is still very active and we have found that S3 plays much better (for balance, and shop variety) for our specific situation. And thus we have naturally continued developing cards for S3. I have no issues with S4 and I do even feel like it is likely even better for actual Campaigns than S3, its just not why I play.

"Why "MasterDJV's" expansion when only half the classes are by you?" - When you look at the credits below, only about half the classes are originally by me. I keep my name in the expansion title because A) Simply because its been the same way in all previous volumes. B) Every class in this expansion has either been created by me, modified by me to fit the ideals listed above, or made in collaboration between myself and the original creator (many of these were made with other members of the PvP community).

Every class included in this volume that was also included in previous volumes has since been updated in the creation of this one. Something I had noticed is that there became some disconnect between my earlier classes I had created and my latest. So I went back and updated all of the classes at once to better balance, word, and theme them so all the classes felt that they belonged in the same game.

Every class not originally created by myself will be credited by the original creator, as well as including a link to the forum post if one was created. Any classes without a "from" category are created originally by myself.
Every class in this expansion also includes corresponding Mercenary companions as well as spell scrolls to be added to the decks.

Archlimiter: A defensive spell caster who specializes in setting up defensive barriers.
Astrologian (From @macd4066 here): A celestial sorcerer who's power changes based on the time of day.
Bebolster: A self-buffing fighter who casts enhancing spells to empower their Basic Attacks.
Blood Hunter (From @War_master_9): A lonely hunter who tracks beasts and monsters, fighting their own insanity.
Botanist (From @bakstteen): A caring green-thumb who fights with their home grown plants.
Bruiser: A defensive warrior who wields multiple shields for both offense and defense.
Butler (From @bakstteen @Codester and @War_master_9): A servant who tends and protects their master at all costs.
Casseur (From @The_Epic_Espeon here): A deranged fighter who only craves blood, victory, and rewards.
Channeler: A spell caster who summons totems all over the battlefield to generate persistent effects as well as lay traps.
Clown: A ridiculous entertainer who utilizes a variety of props to disorient and entertain.
Crossblade: A trickster who utilizes both ranged and melee combat tactics.
Cybrog (From @pitpatgoblin here): Someone who has become technologically improved in a variety of ways.
Drakenfist (From @Murlin22): A spell brawler who empowers their limbs to go toe-to-toe with their foes.
Eclipsed: An assassin from an unknown organization who uses stealth to finish their target.
Explodier: An insane individual who wields explosives the same way one handles a small ball.
Fashionista: Clothing experts who work with scrooges to produce new lines at breakneck speeds.
Fate Sifter: Oracles who defy fate and serve to create their own order of balance.
Gambler (From @War_master_9): Cheats who do whatever it takes to win the bet.
Geminite: Gemling summoners who empower their minions for combat.
Gem Knight: Fighters who wield the power of gemlings who fight along side these minions.
Gladiator (From @War_master_9): Versatile combatants who are each unique from one another.
Glass Cannon (From @War_master_9): Highly volatile fighters who take big hits to deal even moreso.
Hatezen: Spiritual fighters who utilize hatezen to empower their attacks.
Hexxer: Dangerous occultists who place both cursed and helpful hexes on anyone in sight.
Legion (From @Kadriaz here): Soldiers with flaming spirits who fight with the fiery passion from within. (This class changed a good bit from the original version due to it feeling a bit weird and min-maxed for combat. This version normalizes it a bit)
Loose Cannon (From Doge): Reckless fighters who carelessly risk their lives to go for the kill.
Magicrafter (From @Murlin22): Item crafters who enchant basic items themselves. (This is the most non-vanilla class in this expansion due to its use of a brand new card type and deck for the enchanting.)
Marauder (From @rat here from @JackOfTheFlames here): Cursed sea-farers who've received the kraken's blessing.
Mathemancer (
From @macd4066 here): Calculative spell casters who create formulas to increase their coverage.
Mechgineer (
From @Murlin22): Careful tinkerers who maintain their customized mechanical marvels.
Metamancer (
From @Razer here): Spell casters who modify their spells at cast in order to meet their current needs. (This class's name has changed a few times due to the original name being slightly too long for the ability cards)
Noble: Of the upper class, Nobles use their wealth in order to further their influence. 
Oathless (
From @Murlin22 here): Wandering warriors who very cautiously place their trust, if earned.
Pastiche: Copycats who take heavy influence from those around them in order to further develop themselves.
Peasant: Of the lower class, Peasants rely on scraps and those around them in order to survive.
Peppier: Enchanting chefs who fight with full bellies.
Primentalist (
From @JaxOh1 here): An elemental mage who becomes one with nature to learn from it.
Psyflick (
From @Dart): Unique telepaths who are neither martial nor magical and fight with the power of their mind.
Ravager: Wild combatants who've sprouted additional arms to ravage those in their path.
Rock Master (
From @Razz here): Collectors who wield a unique collection of rocks that can be thrown in rapid succession.
Scorcher: Intense mages who wield the power of steam with their magic to burn their foes.
Shepherd (
From @War_master_9): Animal lovers who bond with wildlings and care for them deeply.
Smuggler (
From @kunaiknife452 here): Thieves who work with the underworld to make a profit and get what they need.
Soultamer (
From @Murlin22): Travelers who've gained the spirits of fallen creatures to empower themselves.
Spellplume: Spell archers who wield a bow which can fire spells at distance.
Steel Knight (From @War_master_9): A classic knight with powerful defenses and an arsenals of weapons to choose from.
Swarm Louse (From @Roguish here): Someone who directs swarms of insects to devour their opponents.
Sword Saint (From @Murlin22 here): Holy fighters who wield many blades at a distance.
Webweaver: One who bonds with spiders and shares their love of webbing.

This expansion also includes a bunch of new races, companions, legendary scrolls/companions, and more additions to the shop that I feel fit with the vanilla aesthetic. It also includes 150+ Legendaries developed for the PvP server; these are purely combat focused but they are relatively balanced so you may find some use for these in your campaigns.


Link to the workshop mod for this expansion:
This mod is placed upon Space's table (linked below) which features reimported Urealms S3 assets so that it may be played despite the S4 update. It also utilizes Space's DLC adder so that you can easily add all the cards into their proper decks. If you plan to play games with this multiple times, I'd recommend adding the cards once, then deleting the DLC decks and saving the table so that you do not need to add the cards every time.

Link to Space's unofficial Urealms S3 Character Creation used as the base for this expansion:

Here is a link to a spreadsheet providing and citing all credits for every card group in this expansion that is not 100% created originally by myself:

This expansion would have been near impossible without @camomatt 's card creation program (here). You can download all of my UCC files here if you want to edit or reuse any of my cards/assets. I don't plan to convert anything to Season 4 as I hardly play it, but if you wish to yourself then feel free to download and use my assets as you please! 

I would also just like to give a big thanks to @bakstteen who helps maintain the PvP server mod as well as handling the cards that I send to him as periodic updates. His help lets me focus much more on card creation than management. I'll also advertise my PvP server here. We're an active discord community that plays Urealms S3 often. We don't play full campaigns however, we create characters and send them into an arena to fight each other for valor. We've found min-maxing this game fun and are open for anyone interested, regardless of Urealms experience:

This has been a slow burn of a project and I'm glad to finally be able to share it to anyone still here! I'll def continue slowing making and adding new classes overtime, but this'll likely be the last major update to my expansions (at least for a long time). Hope you enjoy!

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"


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