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Big News for URealms - Rebirth

As most of us who still visit this forum know, Rob had made all the campaigns private due to the harassments he faced from the discontinuing of URealms.

Checking on his channel recently, I noticed that Band of Thieves has been made public again, roughly 3 weeks ago. Even more exciting, I saw Rob leave the following reply in the comments:
My mind is getting healthier and I am able to endure the stress of the job more. thanks my man! I willl be unlisting the rest over time. You can go steal the videos tho cause I know old fans who hate me have uploaded and I understand how powerful nostalgia is so I truely don't care. But this youtube is my home on the web and i just need too shut my door for a bit.
I am so glad that I will be able to re-live the show in the future, even if it takes a while for everything to be made public. I hope that everyone does not harass Rob in any way, and fully respects his decision to move on to different content. This should be seen simply as a gift, and not as a promise that there will be future URealms content.

And, if Rob happens to read this: Good job on the shift to new content. Though I don't often watch, it is still very high quality and definitely deserves more viewership. I can tell that you are a lot more happy doing it. Its great to hear that you're in a better mental space, and I hope that you continue along this path. Though our interests may have diverged with time, I am nothing but thankful and respectful for all the laughs (and at times tears) you gave me for so many years. Keep up the good work!

Now, I'm off to binge Band of Thieves.


  • This is very exciting to hear. Completely understand why they were privated, but I will enjoy being able to watch some of them again!
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