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Does anyone know where to find the Urealms Cardsheets?

Hello all, I am attempting to make physical cards for Urealms (All my friends prefer to play DnD type games in person, not virtual) and I can't find all the cardsheets anywhere. In the folders for the TTS mod I was able to find most of them but there were a bunch of classes, treasures, spells, and basic abilities that were missing. Obviously, all the cards are on the Urealms website but to print/format those one at a time is such a painstaking process, especially knowing the cardsheets already exist somewhere. Thanks for the help :)


  • If you download the TTS mod, you can download all the card sheets. They will just be big PNGs/JPGs inside the mods folder for you to pick apart. There are a few community members who have done this in person, I even printed out a deck of the S3 cards I think!
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