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Realms United Halloween Event!

It's October: the spookiest of months. And I've decided to host my own Halloween event! It'll start in the final week of October: taking place from the 24th to the 31st! Any GM can host their own Halloween themed game and we encourage them to do so! Make sure to work on something spooky this month! I'll personally be working on hosting my own Halloween campaign for you guys. I'm also working on restoring the Custom CC for the event featuring previous added and new Halloween themed cards and I'd like your help. Part of this new event will be Candy Cards which are 20 Gold Consumables with mostly RP effects. We will hopefully have a new channel under URealms Assets called #candy-cards soon where we hope you will post your fun ideas which we may add to the expansion! You'll see a couple of example cards in that channel already to help you discern balance and formatting when I can get my hands on them. I'll notify everybody again closer to the event but I hope you're excited. 

I don't know where most URealms campaigns is happening, but I'm still hosting campaigns in the Realms United discord:
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