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May I ask how linked are Rawb's show's going to be?

I just revisited Rawb's channel the first time since Urealms ended, and I am glad about him restarting Urealms in a new form, am glad to be part of this community again, this time from the start. My question is should I watch all the other video's on the channel to understand the new plot? From my understanding it seems Monica has trapped most of the people aware of the old god's in different realms, such as Rawb's GTA5 realm, is this correct? If so should I watch that? Just am slightly confused


  • Watch as much as you enjoy my man. Lorewise they could all be connected but tbh you would only care about the connection if you valued me more then the stories.

    Think of TILII.TV like this. Do you need to watch the day to day of the big bad of the universe? Imagine if while we were doing URealms Live, Bopen and Maelstrom had a spin off show where they did laundry every week. That's TILII and if anything watches it spoil the content for you because the big bad guy is literally talking about their plans while they get lunch in these episodes so the "surprises" are a much different variety.
  • @Rob Thank you for the answer! I just have limited time so wanted to know how much time I needed to invest to understand the whole story. That makes sense and Monica seems like a fun character, I hope you can enjoy this and keep a healthy mind set.
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